Macrotrachela quadricornifera quadricornifera Milne 1886
Macrotrachela quadricornifera: a very common bdelloid rotifer, whirling (1). Bdelloid rotifers maybe devided in two groups with respect to their behavior after the have been transferred to the microscope slide. There are the "timid" ones, which keep contracted for quite a while, sometimes for days, so that observation is impossible. The others are the "busy" ones, starting to whirl almost immediately after any disturbance, thus wasting no time to exploit the food resources. Macrotrchela quadricornifera is one of the fastest bdelloid rotifers in this respect (This may be considered as a hint for identification). Another "busy" bdelloid rotifer is Pleuretra lineata
Macrotrachela quadricornifera: lateral view. M. quadricornifera is characterized by two appendages on the 1st foot segment (arrowhead). This must not be confused with the spurs! (5)
Macrotrachela quadricornifera: frontal view on trochal discs and rostrum (29.11.2012)
Macrotrachela quadricornifera: 4 aspects of the head and rostrum while creeping; slightly different focus planes. (1.12.2015)
Macrotrachela quadricornifera: two aspects of the foot. left image shows the two appendices on the first foot segment. Right image. spurs and toes
Macrotrachela quadricornifera: specimen with parasites. The striped pattern of the parasites indicates that the muscles are not infected.
some morphotypes that are listed as variations of Macrotrachela quadricornifera var. quadricornifera are:
Macrotrachela quadricornifera var. ligulata
Macrotrachela quadricornifera var. loricata
Macrotrachela quadricornifera var. scutellata
Location : Haspelmoor, Bavaria(1); nature reserve Heiliges Meer (2); Stoeckerstr. Hattingen (3); Hattingen, An der Honte (4); Hattingen, Wodantal, Wald (5), Wuppertal, Ausgleichsbiotop (6)
Habitat: Sphagnum bogs together with Habrotrocha constricta (1,2); Tree moss (3); moss on wall (4); alder tree litter (Alnus glutinosa) (5); moss on ground (6)
Date: 27.09.2012 (1); 29.6.2013(3) ; 21.06.2013 (4); 20.2.2014 (5) 13.2. 2014 (6)
freshwater life
marine life