Macrotrachela plicata var. plicata Bryce 1892
Macrotrachela plicata var. plicata, dorsal view; focus on the upper lip. The cuticula is conspicuously folded lengthwise.
Macrotrachela plicata plicata, dorsal view with focal plane on the rump, which is broadened in characteristic manner. The anal segment is folded in typical manner as well.
Macrotrachela plicata plicata; ligula in the sulcus (arrowhead). Another species with a ligula in the sulcus is Macrotrachela nana ligulata, but this species has different upper lip.
Macrotrachela plicata plicata; ligula in the sulcus of another specimen (white arrow) (nature reserve Heiliges Meer, 17.04. 2012)
Macrotrachela plicata plicata; ligula in the sulcus of another specimen (arrowhead) (nature reserve Heiliges Meer, 17.04. 2012) crop of above image.
Macrotrachela plicata plicata, left image: focus on two-lobed (triangles) upper lip with Y-shaped notch (arrowhead). Right image: foot with spurs and 3 toes (Heiliges Meer (4.2012))
Macrotrachela plicata plicata, trophi with dental formula 2/2
Macrotrachela plicata var. plicata, specimen from (2).
Macrotrachela plicata var. plicata, crop of the above image showing the head with upper lip. (2)
Macrotrachela plicata var. plicata, upper row: two aspects of the head with rostrum, different focus planes. Lower images: left: head with rostrum lamella (2). Right: rostrum of specimen from (3). Further description see below.
Macrotrachela plicata plicata, head with rostrum and rostrum lamella; three different aspects (excerpt from video of a creeping specimen). Left: the arrowheads point to some conspicuous cavities in the rostrum. Middle: the arrowheads point to some granular structures which might have some function in attaching the specimen to the substrate while creeping. (3)
Macrotrachela plicata plicata; another specimen, contracted (26.05.2013)
Macrotrachela cf plicata; a specimen with conspicuous hair- like structures on the integument.
Differential diagnosis: Macrotrachela plicata hirundinella has a different shaped anal segment.
Location: Haspelmoor, Bavaria, Sphagnum-bog (1); NSG Heiliges Meer, Erdfallsee, Sphagnum (2); St.Ulrich, Pillersee, Tirol, Austria (3)
Habitat: Sphagnum (1,2); litter (3)
Date: 22.09.2012 (1); 08.07.2014 (3)
freshwater life
marine life