Nembrotha kubaryana, feeding on tunicates. Gili Selang, Bali, Indonesia
Bali Critters 2020

In March 2020, just before everything fell apart because of Corona, I had the chance to visit Villa Markisa in the Tulamben area of Bali/ Indonesia. Thanks again to all the staff for their hospitality and help. Special thanks goes to Christiane Waldrich for her invaluable help in identifying the nudibranchs, and to Norris, the perfect diveguide, who showed me many amazing critters I had never seen before.

Here are some images:

Anilao Critters

Anilao in the southern part of Luzon / Philippines is THE hotspot for macro-diving in the world. Especially nudibranchs are very abundant in this area which is in the center of the coral triangle with an extremely high species diversity conc. macroinvertebrates. A vast number of new species have been discovered in this area during the last years which still are awaiting to be identified by scientists. I had the luck that two highly experienced diviguides, Peri Paleracio and Alexiis Principe took care of me and introduced to the fascinating macro-world of Anilao.

Here are some images:

In the last 6 years I have been in North Sulawesi several times. North Sulawesi with the Lembeh Strait offers an incredible abundance of bizarre, but small (macro !!) organisms for biologically interested divers. Dive Resorts have adapted to this "Muck Diving", offering dives with highly skilled dive guides that meet the needs of macro photographers. If you prefer diving in colorful coral reefs, including larger animals such as sharks, rays, turtles or dugongs there are appropiate diving areas in the National Park Bunaken on the west side of North Sulawesi, as well as the islands of Gangga and Bangka in the north. Here are some images:
Raja Ampat Critters
In this year I have been in Raja Ampat / Indonesia for the second time. The landscapes there and the underwaterworld are simply spectacular. Here are some images:
Bali Critters 2010 / 2011
Critters from the Pemuteran area (north west Bali) and Tulamben area. Here are some images:
Artforms in Nature
The Textural Beauty of Marine Invertebrates
The variety of forms and lifeforms in tropical reefs is unsurpassed by any other ecosystem in our world. Some impressions on the textural variety can be seen here.
taxonomic groups
This part of the site also shows some of the creatures that can be found in tropical coral reefs, based on taxonomic groups: An alphabetical species list is here
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