Habrotrocha constricta Dujardin 1841
Habrotrocha constricta, one of the most common Habrotrocha species, dorsal view whirling, (2)
Habrotrocha constricta, ventral view, whirling, (2)
Habrotrocha constricta, ventral view, creeping, showing rostrum and lamella (1)
Habrotrocha constricta, ramate trophi with dental formula 8/8
Habrotrocha constricta, dorsal view of a creeping specimen; focus plane on the dorsal antenna.
Habrotrocha constricta, dorsal view of a creeping specimen; focus plane on the pear-shaped brain.
Habrotrocha constricta, another specimen from ?
Habrotrocha constricta, ventral view, whirling, 4 aspects of the head. Upper left image: focal plane on trochal discs. Upper right image shows the characteristic triangular shaped upper lip. Lower left image: rostrum. Lower right image: head while creeping, ventral view. While creeping the trochal discs are hidden in the head. The arrow points to the opening (now closed) through which the trochal discs are everted. (1)
Habrotrocha constricta, rump and foot with adhesive plate (1)
Habrotrocha constricta, foot with foot glands (1)
Habrotrocha constricta; left: spurs; right: the toes maybe an adhesive disc. (1)
Habrotrocha constricta; another type, very small (length about 120µm), (2).
Habrotrocha constricta; another specimen from (4), dorsal view.
Habrotrocha constricta; left: crop of the above image. right: foot with spurs of the same specimen (4).
Habrotrocha constricta; specimen infected with the fungal parasite Triacutus subcuticularis. (5)
Triacutus subcuticularis from Habrotrocha constricta.
Location: Gevelsberg, Stefansbachtal Schulzentrum, Grünes Klassenzimmer, pond (1); nature reserve NSG Heiliges Meer (2); nature reserve Elmpt, pond (3); Hattingen Oberstueter, forest (4); NSG Schwalm-Nettetal, Utricularia-pond (5)
Habitat: Detritus; between waterplants and algae(1), (2); water moss (3); tree moss (4); periphyton (5)
Date: 10.3.2009 / 4.2.2010 (1); coll. 11.2012 img: 19.6.2013 (2); 18.06.2013 (3); 30.08.2014 (4); 22.10.2012 (5)
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