Macrotrachela aculeata Milne, 1886
Macrotrachela aculeata; whirling, dorsal view. Focus plane on the arcuate upper lip. (3)
Macrotrachela aculeata; anterior part. Left image: crop of the above image. right: same specimen, whirling, dorsoventral view. Optical median section showing the ligule in the sulcus, the buccal tube and the trophi with dental formula (DF): 2/2. (3)
Macrotrachela aculeata; creeping specimen, ventral view (1). ventral integument with transversal folds
Macrotrachela aculeata; dorsal and ventral view of the same compressed specimen, focus plane on the granulated integument. The arrowheads in both images mark the transversal rows with spines. (4)
Macrotrachela aculeata; contracted specimen, ventral view. Focus plane on the ventral appendages. (3)
Macrotrachela aculeata; specimen from the same population, after 4 weeks on a slide. Visible are the sensory setae on the trochal discs. (5)
Macrotrachela aculeata; egg. Visible are the trophi of the embryo.. (5)
Macrotrachela aculeata; focus plane on the dorsal integument of the trunk (1)
Macrotrachela aculeata; left image: posterior part, ventral view, with foldings on the trunk integumen;, foot with tapering spurs, no interspace between spurs and 3 toes (1). Integument of foot is granulated, which is in contrast to Macrotrachela multispinosa. Right image: dorsal side of the foot with characteristic bump on 1st foot segment (arrowhead) (1).
Macrotrachela aculeata; ramate trophi; left image: cephalic view; dental formula (DF): 2/2 Right image: caudal view; rami length (RaL): 16µm. (3)
Location (3)(4): nature reserve NSG Unteres Odertal; BB, Germany; Mummertgraben, footpath
Habitat (3)(4): moss in inundation area
Date (3)(4): coll.: 28.05.2022; img.: 07.06.2022 (3); 04.07.2022 (4); 20.07.2022 (5)
Location: Germany, Bonn, mouth of Sieg to Rhine, tree moss on aspen (Populus sp.)(1); Hattingen Oberstüter, NRW, Germany, roof
Habitat: moss on tree (1); dry moss on roof (2)
Date: 28.06.2013 (1); 29.06.2013 (2)
freshwater life
marine life