Macrotrachela habita Bryce 1894
Macrotrachela habita: whirling. Specimen from (1), together with M. quadricornifera, Adineta steineri
Macrotrachela habita: head of whirling specimen from (5), showing the double-lobed upper lip with characteristic Y-shaped notch (arrowhead).
Macrotrachela habita: Upper images: two aspects of the rostrum while creeping. Clearly visible is the broad undivided lamella and the cilia. This broad lamella which is wider than the rostrum is typical for M. habita (not many other Macrotrachela species seem to have such lamella), so this feature may help to separate this species from other species (1). Lower images: foot with spurs and 3 toes. Spurs with bulbous base and distinct tip. The granulation of the integument is much finer than in Macrotrachela punctata. Left: specimen from (5); right: specimen from (4).
Macrotrachela habita: whirling. Specimen from (2), together with Philodina vorax
Macrotrachela habita: creeping. Specimen from (3)
Macrotrachela habita: specimen from (3). left image: head with rostrum while creeping, right image: foot, focal plane on spurs.
Macrotrachela habita: specimen from (4).
Macrotrachela habita: 4 aspects of the foot showing the hump on the first foot segment (arrow). Upper right: partially macerated specimen from (5), dorsal view; lower images: specimens from (4).
Macrotrachela habita: trophi of specimen from (4).
Macrotrachela habita: specimen from (6); whirling.
Macrotrachela habita: crop of the above image; focus plane on the two-lobed upper lip. (6)
Macrotrachela habita: trophi of specimen from (6)
Macrotrachela habita: left image: toes (6); right image: 3 toes and spurs (7);
Location: Germany, Hattingen, Wodantal, forest (1); Italy, Tuscany, Elba (2,3), Mte. Perone (2) , Mte. Capanne (3); Steinhuder Meer, birch forest (4); Eifel, forest (5); Anilao, Philippines (6); Cathedrale St. Corentin, Quimper, Brittanny, France (7);
Habitat: beach and pine litter near a small ditch (1); moss on tree (2), moos on rocks (3); birch litter (4); moss on ground (5); moss on tree (6); moss on wall (7);
Date: 20.02.2014 (1) 16.09.2013 (2); 22.09. (3); 17.12.2014 (4); 7.10.2013 (5); coll.: 02.04.2015, img: 20.05.2016 (6); 15.08.2019 (7);
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