Macrotrachela ehrenbergii Janson 1893
Macrotrachela ehrenbergii; dorsoventral view; specimen with mature egg. (6)
Macrotrachela ehrenbergii; dorsal view; focus on the upper lip. (1)
Macrotrachela ehrenbergii; upper row: two aspects of the head; the single-lobed upper lip protrudes out of the trochal discs (right) specimen from ; upper left image: specimen from (3). Low left image: foot with toes and spurs. Convex interspace between spurs (4); low right image: egg (2)
Macrotrachela ehrenbergii; whirling, specimen from (4)
Macrotrachela ehrenbergii; two aspects head / corona of whirling specimen, frontal view; different angle/ focus plane. Also visible are the rostrum an the dorsal antenna (4).
Macrotrachela ehrenbergii; head/ corona of whirling specimen, dorsal view. Focus plane on the laterally concave upper lip (4)
Macrotrachela ehrenbergii; creeping specimen, dorsoventral view, focus plane on the rostrum and foot with spurs. (4)
Macrotrachela ehrenbergii; two aspects of the ramate trophi with dental formula 2/2. Left: whirling specimen; focal plane on the pharynx/ pharyngeal tube (5); right: creeping specimen from (4)
Macrotrachela ehrenbergii; specimen from (2)
Collection of samples (6) by courtesy of Pit Staedler, Gevelsberg.
Location: (1) Hattingen Oberstüter, Wald (1); Hattingen, An der Honte (2); Water reservoir Glör (3); NSG Unteres Odertal, near "Teerofenbrücke" (4); Gevelsberg; school garden, moss (5); South Tirol, Italy, (6)
Habitat: Moss on tree (1) Moss on wall (2); moss on concrete (3); (4); moss (5); (6)
Date: 26.03.2013 (1); ) 21.06.2013 (2; 12.10.2013 (3); coll. 28.05.2019; img.: 09.01.2020 (4); 30.12.2010 (5); coll. 08.2020; img : 15.01.2021 (6)
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