Philodina vorax JANSON 1893
Philodina vorax, an eyeless species, whirling, ventral side, specimen from 31.12.2010. (1)
Philodina vorax, two aspects of the foot with spurs and toes from above specimen. The spurs seem to be covered with a fold of the integument.
Philodina vorax, whirling, dorsal view, another specimen from same sample (2.01.2011) (2)
Philodina vorax, whirling, head of same specimen, focus plane on the notched upper lip. (2)
Philodina vorax, left image: foot with spurs and 4 toes from above specimen (2). Right image: foot with spurs and 4 toes of specimen (3) captured below. The spurs show the characteristic bend at the margin of the cuticular base (arrowheads) .
Philodina vorax, specimen from Mte Perone, Elba (3)
Philodina vorax, another morphotype with different upper lip; more on this Philodina-morphytype here>>> (4)
Philodina vorax, left: foot of specimen from Chile (5); right; foot of specimen from (9)
Philodina vorax, specimen from (6); lateral view.
Philodina vorax, crop of the above image (6)
Philodina vorax, ramate trophi with dental formula (DF) 2+1/1+2.
Philodina vorax, head of specimen from (9); focus plane on the notched upper lip
Philodina vorax;, specimen infested by parasites (8)
Philodina vorax;, same specimen as above, slightly compressed by coverslide. Focus plane on the parasites (8)
Philodina vorax;, frontal view of specimen from (10)
Location (9): nature reserve NSG Unteres Odertal; BB, Germany; Mummertgraben, footpath, puddle
Habitat (9):between algae
Date (9): 15.05.2023
Location: (1) Germany; nature reserve Elmpt; sphagnum pond; (3) Mte. Perone, Elba, Tuscany, Italia (3); Anhausen, Bavaria, bridge (4); Hattingen, An der Honte, wall (6); Hattingen-Oberstüter, NRW, Germany (8); Zuiderlaan, Hollum, Ameland, NL, church yard (9)

Habitat: sphagnum (1); Tree moss (3); dry moss on concrete, high sun exposition, together with Pleuretra lineata and Otostephanos torquatus (4). dry moss on wall (6); sun-exposed moss on roof (8); moss on stone (9);

P. vorax seems to be a desiccation-resistant species

Date: 31.12.2010 (1); 02.01.2011 (2) ; 16.09.2013 (3); coll. 29.09.2013 (img: 05.10.2013) (4); 03.07.2018 (6); 04.07.2020 (8); 09.10.2015 (9)
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