Habrotrocha collaris Ehrenberg 1832
Habrotrocha collaris; one of two Habrotrocha species with eyespots. Habrotrocha roeperi has the eyespots on the rostrum. (1)
Habrotrocha collaris; creeping animal. The pills in the stomach are pretty big. (1)
Habrotrocha collaris; left image: crop of the above image showing the foot. This specimen seems to have no toes but an adhesive plate (1). Right image: foot of the same specimen from sample (2) (see below). The spurs (arrows) and three toes (arrowheads) are visible. Because the specimen has been compressed the toes are somewhat displaced compared to the living specimen.
Habrotrocha collaris; left image: cerebral eyespots and ramate trophi with dental formula 5/5 (1). Right image: trophi of macerated specimen from (1).
Habrotrocha collaris; lateral view showing the long dorsal antenna (2)
Habrotrocha collaris; ventral view showing the rostrum with lamella, foot with toes and spurs (2)
Habrotrocha collaris; left image: crop of the above image showing the foot (2) (see also upper image of compressed foot). Right image: trophi of specimen (2), dental formula: 5/5.
Habrotrocha collaris; this specimen from (3) is actually living in a gelatinous housing made with pellets.
Habrotrocha collaris; same specimen like above, after being squeezed out of the housing, creeping.
Habrotrocha collaris; trophi of above specimen (3), dental formula 7/7
Habrotrocha collaris; infested by parasites. The brown mass in this specimen is bacteria, but despite of this heavy infection the critter was still alive. (4)
Habrotrocha collaris; another specimen from (5)
location: Nature reserve Bourtange; 52∞39'47.49"N / 7∞ 3'21.76"O (1); nature park Truden, small river, Trentino, Italy (2); Steinplatte, Waidring, Tirol, Austria (3); NSG Heiliges Meer, sphagnum pond (4); Chapelle St. Samson, Brittany, France, creek (5)
habitat: Sphagnum-bog, together with Rotaria tardigrada (1); immersed moss (2); moss (3); detritus (4); periphyton (5);
Date: 10.11.2012 (1); coll 28.9.2013, img 4.10.2013 (2); 07.07.2014 (3); 15.12.2012 (4); 07.08.2019 (5)
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