Habrotrocha bidens Gosse 1851
Habrotrocha bidens, dorsal view, whirling.(1)
Habrotrocha bidens; close-up of the anterior part of two different specimens from different locations, focus plane on the upper lip. Left image: crop of the above image showing specimen from (1). Right image: specimen from (2) (see bottom of this page)
Habrotrocha bidens; habitus while whirling.(1)
Habrotrocha bidens; left image: Specimen from (1), dorsoventral view, optical median section. Because of the short pharyngeal tube (length marked by triangles) this species may be confused with Habrotrocha rosa, but the trophi with the dental formula (DF) 2/2 separate H. bidens from H. rosa (DF≥ 3/3).
Habrotrocha bidens; foot with foot glands and spurs. left: specimen from (1); right: specimen from (4)
Habrotrocha bidens; specimen from (2), whirling.
Habrotrocha bidens; lateral view of whirling specimmen from (3).
Habrotrocha bidens; two images of the rostrum of a creeping specimen from (3). The sensory area of the rostrum is conspicuously divided into 5 parts. (3)
Habrotrocha bidens; dorsal integument with pores (3)
Habrotrocha bidens; ramate trophi left: cephalic view; dental formula (DF) 2/2. Right: caudal view; rami length (RaL): 15 µm (3)
Habrotrocha bidens; foot with foot glands and spurs from specimen from (3); different focus planes.
Location: Halali Lodge, Etosha, Namibia (1, 4); Wertach-area near Augsburg, Bavaria, spruce-forest (2); Sprockhövel-Schee, NRW, Germany; pond (3)
Habitat: litter in lithotelma of limestone (1); moss on ground (2; detritus (3)
Date: coll.: 28.7.2015, img.: 03.08. 2015 (1), img.: 27.08.2015 (4); 05.04.2014 (2); coll: 27.05.2021; img.: 11.07.2021 (3)
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