Habrotrocha bidens Gosse, 1851
Habrotrocha bidens, dorsal view, whirling.(1)
Habrotrocha bidens; close-up of the anterior part of two different specimens from different locations, focus plane on the upper lip. Left image: crop of the above image showing specimen from (1). Right image: specimen from (2) (see bottom of this page)
Habrotrocha bidens; habitus while whirling.(1)
Habrotrocha bidens; anterior part of specimen from (1), dorsoventral view, optical median section. Corona width ≤ head width. Because of the short pharyngeal tube (length marked by arrowheads) this species may be confused with Habrotrocha rosa, but the trophi with the dental formula (DF) 2/2 separate H. bidens from H. rosa (DF≥ 3/3).
Habrotrocha bidens; short foot with foot glands and short tapered spurs, without intespace. Left: specimen from (1); right: specimen from (4)
Habrotrocha bidens; specimen from (2), whirling.
Habrotrocha bidens; lateral view of whirling specimmen from (3).
Habrotrocha bidens; two images of the rostrum of a creeping specimen from (3). The sensory area of the rostrum is conspicuously divided into 5 parts. (3)
Habrotrocha bidens; dorsal integument with pores (3)
Habrotrocha bidens; ramate trophi left: cephalic view; dental formula (DF) 2/2. Right: caudal view; rami length (RaL): 15 µm (3)
Habrotrocha bidens; foot with foot glands and spurs from specimen from (3); different focus planes.
Location: Halali Lodge, Etosha, Namibia (1, 4); Wertach-area near Augsburg, Bavaria, spruce-forest (2); Sprockhövel-Schee, NRW, Germany; pond (3)
Habitat: litter in lithotelma of limestone (1); moss on ground (2; detritus (3)
Date: coll.: 28.7.2015, img.: 03.08. 2015 (1), img.: 27.08.2015 (4); 05.04.2014 (2); coll: 27.05.2021; img.: 11.07.2021 (3)
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