Synchaeta stylata Wierzejski, 1893
Synchaeta stylata; the apical field is convex, but not as triangular like in Synchaeta longipes. The arrows point to an engulfed Polyarthra-rotifer in the stomach.
Synchaeta stylata; detail of the anterior part. On the right side the ingested Polyarthra-prey with red eyespot (arrow) and some of the right fins (arrowheads) can be seen.
Synchaeta stylata; compressed specimen, macerated by SDS. Left: virgate trophi of the prey (Polyarthra sp.); right: virgate trophi of the predator Synchaeta.

Synchaeta stylata; foot of two different specimens, different focus planes. The arrowheads mark the foot glands.

Left: specimen from (3), focus plane on the bladder (Bl). Right: focus plane on the toes (2)

Synchaeta stylata; virgate trophi; unci with crenulations (arrowheads). Manubria: outer lamella about 3/4 length of the stem; the inner lamellas of the manubria are rounded (arrows)
Synchaeta stylata; two aspects of the lateral antennas of two specimens, which are located in the posterior third of the trunk region (left image; arrows). Right image: detail of the sensory cell of the left lateral antenna. Egg: (??resting??) egg; GV: germovitellarium; M: transversely striated longitudinal (retractor) muscle. (3)
Synchaeta stylata; apical field convex, but not as triangular like Synchaeta longipes (1)
Synchaeta stylata; with characteristic bristles at the anterior part; darkbrown eyespot. (1)
Synchaeta stylata; virgate trophi (1)
Location: Witten, Hammerteich (1); Heilenbecker Talsperre, NRW, Germany (2); (3)
Habitat: Plankton (1); (2); (3)
Date:11.06.2011 (1); 12.05. 2021 (2); 14.05. 2021(3)
freshwater life
marine life