Otostephanos donneri BARTOS 1959
Otostephanos donneri; swimming. The rings around the trochal discs are clearly visible (arrowheads). The unfolded wheel organ could only be observed when the animal was swimming. (1)
Otostephanos donneri; whirling for starting to swim, showing the ring around the trochal discs. The content of the stomach is yellowish or reddish.(1)
Otostephanos donneri; creeping, showing the two-lobed lamella, the trophi with dental formula 9/9 and the long, needle-shaped toes. (1)
Otostephanos donneri; two aspects of the foot. left image: focus plane on the characteristic spurs with bulbous base and no interspace (3). Right image: foot with transversal knob on 1st segment (arrowhead).(1)
Otostephanos donneri; specimen from (2), where this species was found in great numbers.
Otostephanos donneri; whirling specimen from (3); lateral view.
Otostephanos donneri; same specimen, compressed by coverslide, dorsoventral view; sculptured integument of the trunk and rump (part of) with projecting pores. (3)
Otostephanos donneri; ramate trophi; left: cephalic view; dental formula (DF): 9/9. Right: caudal view; rami length (RaL): 19µm. (3)
Otostephanos donneri; trophi from another sample (4); left: cephalic view; dental formula (DF): 9/9. Right: caudal view; rami length (RaL): 16µm. (4)
Location: Passo di Lavazè (1800m), Trentino, Italia, lake (1); Wertach, billabong near Bobingen, Bavaria, Germany (2)
Habitat: Periphyton with Fragilaria sp. and other diatoms; desmids (Spirogyra sp., Desmidium swartzii); together with Philodina megalotrocha and Cephalodella paxi (1); Periphyton (2)
Date: coll. 28.09.2013 (img: 30.09.2013) (1); 02.04.2014 (2);
Location (3): Botanical Garden, Brest; Brittany, France; pond
Habitat (3) : between plants (click to enlarge >>>>)
Date (3): 18.08.2021
Location (1): Deuringer Heide, Augsburg, BY, Germany, pond
Habitat (1): detritus in concrete
Date (1): coll.: 14.06.2022; img.: 14.06.2022;
Identification of specimen (1) by courtesy of Nataliia Iakovenko, University of Ostrava, Czech republic.
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