Macrotrachela punctata Murray 1911
Macrotrachela punctata, whirling specimen. A species which has a completely granulated epidermis. Double-lobed upper lip. (2)
Macrotrachela punctata, creeping specimen. (2)
Macrotrachela punctata, focus plane on the granulated integument. It is a remarkble coincidence that the only Adineta-species (A. tuberculosa) with an integument that is also very conspicuous has been found in the same environment/ sample.
Macrotrachela punctata, 4 images of the anterior part of several specimens. Upper images: different aspects of the upper lip; left: specimen from (2); also visible is the mastax with ramate trophi and dental formula (DF): 2/2, right: specimen from (3). Lower image: left image: upper lip of specimen from (3); right: creeping specimen with retracted corona, head with rostrum and lamella (1).
Macrotrachela punctata; left image: foot, ventral view, focus plane on the 3 toes; right image: foot with tapering spurs with granulated integument. No interspace beween spurs. Ratio spur length (SL) : spur base width (SBW) ≈ 230%
Macrotrachela punctata; ramate trophi with dental formula (DF): 2/2 (4)
Macrotrachela punctata, creeping specimen. The arrowheads mark the mature egg with conspicuous projections (see below). (4)
Macrotrachela punctata, egg. (4)
Macrotrachela punctata; two images of the foot with tapering spurs with granulated integument. Small interspace beween spurs. Ratio spur length (SL) : spur base width (SBW) ≈ 150% (4)
Location (4): Mte. Maolo, Elba, Italy
Habitat (4): between Cladonia-lichens (click to enlarge >>>>)
Date (4): coll.: 12.10.2020; img.: 18.01.2021 (4)
Location: Speikboden (altitude 2400m), Tauferer Ahrntal, South Tirol, Italy (1; 2; 3);
Habitat: dry moss on rocks , together with A. tuberculosa, A. vaga var. rhomboidea, Pleuretra lineata, Dissotrocha scutellata (1; 2; 3);
Date: coll. 7.10.2014, img 19.10.2014 (1); 21.10. (2); 25.10 (3);
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