Encentrum uncinatum Milne, 1886 comb. nov.
Encentrum uncinatum; swimming, lateral view. (1)
Encentrum uncinatum; another specimen, swimming, dorsoventral view. (4)
Encentrum uncinatum; another specimen, swimming, lateral view. Sample from (3)
Encentrum uncinatum; the trophi of this species have very conspicuous supramanubria as can be seen in these two images. left image: focus plane on the left supramanubrium; right image: right supramanubrium. (1)
Encentrum uncinatum; two images of two specimens with special features from sample (2). Upper image: the arrow points to a single birefringent body in the head region which could not be observed in other specimens from the same sample. Lower image: the arrowheads point to two sausage-like bodies in the pseudocoel that were freely movable, presumable parasites.
Encentrum uncinatum; posterior part with foot and toes. The arrow points to a caudal antenna emerging from a sensory cell (SC).
Encentrum uncinatum; two images of the trophi, different focus planes (2)
Encentrum uncinatum; specimen from (5)
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Collection of sample (1) courtesy of F. Unterberg, aqua mountain travel
Location : Barentsøya, Svalbard (1); Hasslinghausen, NRW, Germany, bike path, puddle (2);
Habitat: moss (1); detritus (2);
Date: coll. 08/2017; img: 09.10.2017 (1); 04.02.2021 (2)
Location (3): Bruchmühle Gevelsberg, NRW, Germany; small pond of fallen tree
Habitat (3): detritus/ between algae
Date (3): 24.04.2021
Location (4) : Haselbecke, Hattingen Felderbachtal, NRW Germany; creek
Habitat (4): sediment between moss in lotic water . (click image to enlarge >>>)
Date (4): 30.12.2021
Location (5): Felderbach near Auermühle, Hattingen, NRW, Germany
Habitat(5): detritus/ sediment in lotic water (click to enlarge >>>)
Date (5): 09.08.2022
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