Encentrum marinum Dujardin 1841
Encentrum marinum; lateral view (1). In contrast to the other animals presented here this specimen was found in a freshwater environment.
Encentrum marinum; dorsoventral view. This species is characterized by two light-refracting bodies in the head. (1)
Encentrum marinum; dorsoventral view, focus plane on the forcipate trophi. (1)
Encentrum marinum; sometimes the trophi are stretched out; specimen from (6)
Encentrum marinum; left image: this dorsoventral view of the head shows the light-refracting bodies in the subcerebral glands. Right: forcipate trophi. (1)
Encentrum marinum; another specimen with amictic egg. (1)
Encentrum marinum; 4 images of the forcipate trophi of another specimen. (1)
Encentrum marinum; specimen from (2), feeding exclusively on small flagellates (Bodo?)
Encentrum marinum; the intestinum of this specimen from (2), contains the digested green algae (Enteromorpha sp.). The arrowhead points to the characteristic light-refracting body in the subcerebral glands (head).
Encentrum marinum; trophi of specimen from (2),
Encentrum marinum; specimen from (3), lateral view
Encentrum marinum; specimen from (4), slightly compressed by coverslide; head retracted.
Encentrum marinum; another specimen, lateral view, from (5).
Location: Hattingen Felderbachtal, Mühlteich (1); Bad Frankenhausen; Kyffhäuser, Elisabethquelle (2); Aber Benoit, Treglonou, Britanny, France (3); Hiddensee, Siel (4); Hollum, Ameland, NL, Waddenzee (5); Treompan, Bretagne, France; Beach (6)
Habitat: periphyton (1); detritus in salinic water (salinity 4-7%) (2); between green algae (Enteromorpha?) (3); on microslides covered with aufwuchs (4); between algae (5), together with Proales halophila; between algae (6)
Date: 02.05.2016 (1); 24.10.2016 (2); 07.08.2018 (3); 02.10.2018 (4); 18.10.2018 (5); 22.08.2019 (6)
freshwater life
marine life