Bdelloid 15
Bdelloid 15; dorsolateral view of whirling specimen from (1). species with wide sulcus.
Bdelloid 15; images of the anterior part; left: specimen from sample (1); right: specimen from sample (2)
Bdelloid 15; frontal view of corona and upper lip (2)
Bdelloid 15; lateral view, partly optical median transect, focus plane on the dorsal antenna (2)
Bdelloid 15; two aspects of the foot and spurs. Left image: specimen may have 4 toes (arrowheads). The arrows point to a structure in each of the spurs that may be interpreted as a canal. Right image, foot of a slightly compressed specimen with retracted foot pseudosegments. The arrowheads point to light refracting areas, which, in context with the left image, suggest that these "drops" have been secreted out of the spurs. This the first time that I could observe such a phenomenon in a bdelloid rotifer.
Bdelloid 15; two aspects of the foot and spurs of specimen from (3). The toes are very difficult to photograph, because most of the time they are hidden below the foot. Left: focus plane on ventral toes; right: focus plane on dorsal toes.
Bdelloid 15; mastax with trophi; dental formula 2+1/ 1+2+1. Rami length (RaL): 27µm
Location: Felderbach Hattingen, NRW, Germany (1); (2)
Habitat: moss in lotic water (click to enlarge >>>>)
Date: 13.04.2021(1); 15.04.2021 (2); 25.05.2021 (3)
freshwater life
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