key for bdelloid rotifers, based on conspicuous features
Identification of bdelloid rotifers is not easy. There are some very good keys for the identification for example the "Key to the identification of the genera of bdelloid rotifers" by Claudia Ricci & Giulio Melone. Of course this key and others are scientifically correct, but for the beginner maybe it is difficult to understand. The problem with dichotomous keys is, that if you cannot decide (for what reason whatsoever) if a certain trait is present or absent, you get stuck and cannot proceed. On the other hand there are certain traits which can be easily observed and that may help to limit the number of possible species in question or even may help to identify them. Here a selection of such traits is introduced.

Basic morphology of bdelloid rotifers

Here is a basic description of some different types of bdelloid rotifers.

integument sculptured
integument with spines or other extensions
corona very wide. CW : HW ≈ 2
corona very narrow CW : HW < 1
head with special features: "auricles"
head with special features: lobes at corona
eyespots in front
eyespots in middle part (brain)
Bdelloid taxa without eyespots

There are some genera of bdelloid rotifers in which (up to now 2020) no eyespots habe been observed. So it is possible to exclude some genera in case a bdelloid rotifer with eyespots shall be identified.

These genera are listed here >>>>

mastax, trophi, dental formula
pills in the trunk
only 4 nuclei in the vitellarium
2 appendages at the foot (except spurs!)
long foot/ toes/ spurs
conspicuous colors
housing/ nest
specific habitat: living inside of Sphagnum cells
specific habitat: living in Frullania lobules
freshwater life
marine life