Artforms in Nature: The Textural Beauty of Invertebrates (1)
Already Ernst Haeckel described the wonderful pattern formation of marine invertebrates. When I was a student I worked on the coral skeletons and was fascinated by the diversity of their structures. So whenphotographing during my dives in tropical waters one focus is on the documentation of these marvellous structures. Here are some impressions.
acropora16859-2 coral11015x dendrogyra17282 echinopora_15423 fungia18368x
Tridachna 13843 Coral Dendrogyra Echinopora Fungia
sarcophyton13547b coral14490b coral14612 coral14681-2 coral15422
Sarcophyton Coral 14490 Coral 14612 Coral 14681 Coral 15422
coral15697 porifer16831x holothurid16957b seaurchin17142 coral17234
Coral 15697 Porifer 16831 Holothurid 16957 Sea Urchin 17412 Coral 17234
coral17236 sarcophyton18556b pachyseris15409x pachyseris15681 synascidie14798
Coral 17236 Sarcophyton 18556 Pachyseris 15409 Pachyseris 15681 Synascidie 14798
thelenota_rubralineata15620 gorgonie4379d coral13187e coral13190 coral13259x
Thelenota rubralineata Acropora 16859 Coral 13187 Coral 13190 Coral 13259