Wierzejskiella velox
Wierzejskiella velox; (ca 150µ total length); lateral view; focal plane on the rostrum and the vitellarium.
Wierzejskiella velox; (ca 150µ total length); the dorsoventral view shows the conspicuous bladder (Bl). The yellow arrows point to two pairs of gastric glands; the green arrows point to the foot with three segments and two long toes.
Wierzejskiella velox; foot; lateral view. The numbers mark the 3 foot segements. The 3rd foot segment has a hump (yellow arrowhead). The single segments seem to be retractable (like the segments of the foot of the bdelloid Rotaria). A long, transversal striated muscle runs through the whole foot (red arrowheads, see image below) starting in the rump. The toes appear divided by a dentation in the middle.
Wierzejskiella velox; foot, dorsal view.The striated muscle is clearly visible (arrowheads).
Wierzejskiella velox; anterior part, Focal plane of the rostrum (R).
Wierzejskiella velox; anterior part, ventral view, focal plane on the trophi and the gastric glands (MD). R= rostrum.
Wierzejskiella velox; left image: crop of the above image showing the pair of gastric glands MD! and MD2) from the left side. Right image: trophi. Unci (Un); Intramalleus (In); Rami (Ra), Fulcrum (Fu), Manubrien (Ma).
Wierzejskiella velox; the forcipate trophi can be protruded to open plant cells.
location: Wahner Heide bei Köln
habitat: Wiesentümpel mit Sphagnum
Date: 15.06.2010
freshwater life
marine life