Squatinella rostrum ssp. rostrum Milne 1886
Squatinella rostrum ssp. rostrum, optical median section, dorsoventral view. (4)
Squatinella rostrum ssp. rostrum, same specimen as above; dorsoventral view. Although the upper image may suggest that the foot has no dorsal sting between the toes, the focal plane of this image demonstrates that the sting is present (arrow). This trait separates this species from Squatinella mutica (without sting) Also characteristc for this morphotype are the 3 dents on the posterior end of the dorsal lorica. Arrowheads mark to the bristles of the lateral antennas. (4)
Squatinella rostrum ssp. rostrum; head, dorsoventral view, focus plane on the buccal field. (43)
Squatinella rostrum ssp. rostrum; two images of a semi-macerated specimen. Upper: the arrow marks the sting between toes; the arrowheads point to the structures of the lateral antennas. Lower image: crop of the above image, rotation 90º conter-clockwise. (4)
Squatinella rostrum ssp. rostrum; malleate trophi. Some epipharyngeal structures (Epi) are visible. Fu: fulcrum; Ma: manubrium; Ra: ramus; Un: uncus.
Squatinella rostrum ssp. rostrum, dorsoventral view.
Squatinella rostrum ssp. rostrum, another specimen, dorsoventral view. (1)
Squatinella rostrum : is a relative small rotifer, compared to the rotifer Brachionus sp. (left) and the green alga Pediastrum.
Squatinella rostrum ssp. rostrum , specimen with 3 tips at the back of the dorsal lorica. (1)
Squatinella rostrum ssp. rostrum, lateral view. The dorsal spine on the foot is clearly visible (arrow). (1)
Squatinella rostrum ssp. rostrum, focus plane on the foot with the not so conspicuous sting (arrow) on the dorsal base of the toes. This feature separates S. rostrum from S. mutica
Squatinella rostrum ssp. rostrum, another specimen, showing the conspicuous eyespots.
Squatinella rostrum ssp. rostrum, crop of the above image; eyespots with "lenses".
Squatinella rostrum ssp. rostrum, detail of the above image; Li: lipoid droplet as "lens"; Pi: pigment cup; N: sensory cell.

Squatinella rostrum ssp. rostrum, schematic diagram of the eyespot (after Clement and Wurdak, 1991).


Location (4): nature reserve NSG Unteres Odertal; BB, Germany; Mummertgraben
Habitat (4): "aufwuchs" on artificially exposed microslides
Date (4): 18.05.2023
Location: Sprockhövel IGM Bildungszentrum, pond (1)
Habitat: Plankton / Periphyton (1)
Date:24.9.06/ 21.11.2009 (1)
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