Scepanotrocha rubra Bryce, 1910
Scepanotrocha rubra: the trochal discs are covered by a membranous hood (1)
Scepanotrocha rubra: crop of the above image. The margin of the hood is marked by the triangles. There is a bulge in the middle of the deeply notched sulcus (arrowhead). (1)
Scepanotrocha rubra: ventral view, focal plane on the foot. Instead of toes there is only a stub. (1)
Scepanotrocha rubra: specimen from (3); dorsoventral view,
Scepanotrocha rubra: trophi (1)
Scepanotrocha rubra: two different specimens with colored lipid droplets in the intestinum (2)
Scepanotrocha rubra: head of the same specimen in two different focus planes. The left image shows the hood covering the trochal discs. (2)
Scepanotrocha rubra: rostrum of specimen from (3) with divided rostrum lamella.
Scepanotrocha rubra: foot with spurs of 3 different specimens. Upper images: specimens from (2); lower image: specimen from (3).
Scepanotrocha rubra: specimen from(2), squeezed; in contrast to most bdelloid species Scepanotrocha rubra shows only 4 nuclei in each vitellarium. (2)
Scepanotrocha rubra: crop of the above image.
Scepanotrocha rubra: Stomach and vitellarium from specimen from (3). The stomach shows a granular matrix in which pill-like pellets are visible. Vitellarium with 4 nuclei.
Scepanotrocha rubra: trophi of specimen from. (2)
Scepanotrocha rubra: trophi of specimen from. (3)
Scepanotrocha rubra: specimen from (4), living in retort cells of Sphagnum. Another bdelloid rotifer that lives in retort cells is Habrotrocha roeperi.
Identification by courtesy of Nataliia Iakovenko, University of Ostrava, Czech republic.
Location: Hattingen Oberstüter, beech forest (1); Ohligser Heide, (2);(4); NSG Schwalm, (3); Oberrasen, South Tirol (5)
Habitat: beech litter (1); Sphagnum retort cells (2); fungus on dead tree (3). See image below:
Date: 20.09.2012 (1); coll. 06.12.2015, img 06.12.2015 (2), 12.12. 2015 (4); Date: 22.10.2015 (3); 06.10.2014 (5)
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