Scepanotrocha rubra Bryce, 1910
Scepanotrocha rubra: the trochal discs are covered by a membranous hood (1)
Scepanotrocha rubra: crop of the above image. The margin of the hood is marked by the triangles. There is a bulge in the middle of the deeply notched sulcus (arrowhead). (1)
Scepanotrocha rubra: ventral view, focal plane on the foot. Instead of toes there is only a stub. (1)
Scepanotrocha rubra: specimen from (3); dorsoventral view,
Scepanotrocha rubra: trophi (1)
Scepanotrocha rubra: two different specimens with colored lipid droplets in the intestinum (2)
Scepanotrocha rubra: head of the same specimen in two different focus planes. The left image shows the hood covering the trochal discs. (2)
Scepanotrocha rubra: rostrum of specimen from (3) with divided rostrum lamella.
Scepanotrocha rubra: foot with spurs of 3 different specimens. Upper images: specimens from (2); lower image: specimen from (3).
Scepanotrocha rubra: specimen from(2), squeezed; in contrast to most bdelloid species Scepanotrocha rubra shows only 4 nuclei in each vitellarium. (2)
Scepanotrocha rubra: crop of the above image.
Scepanotrocha rubra: Stomach and vitellarium from specimen from (3). The stomach shows a granular matrix in which pill-like pellets are visible. Vitellarium with 4 nuclei.
Scepanotrocha rubra: trophi of specimen from. (2)
Scepanotrocha rubra: trophi of specimen from. (3)
Scepanotrocha rubra: specimen from (4), living in retort cells of Sphagnum. Another bdelloid rotifer that lives in retort cells is Habrotrocha roeperi.
Location: Hattingen Oberstüter, beech forest (1); Ohligser Heide, (2);(4); NSG Schwalm, (3); Oberrasen, South Tirol (5)
Habitat: beech litter (1); Sphagnum retort cells (2); fungus on dead tree (3). See image below:
Date: 20.09.2012 (1); coll. 06.12.2015, img 06.12.2015 (2), 12.12. 2015 (4); Date: 22.10.2015 (3); 06.10.2014 (5)
Identification by courtesy of Nataliia Iakovenko, University of Ostrava, Czech republic.
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