Rotaria macrura Schrank 1803
Rotaria macrura; whirling, specimen from (2).
Rotaria macrura; whirling, dorsoventral view, focus plane on the rostrum and eyespots. Specimen from (5).
Rotaria macrura; same specimen, corona retracted; focus plane on the foot and rostrum. In contrast to Rotaria rotatoria the rostral lamella is retracted, so that the rostrum appears truncated (5).
Rotaria macrura (specimens from 2006) (1)
Rotaria macrura, whirling (1)
Rotaria macrura, foot and spurs of different specimens. The specimen of the right image is infested by unknown parasites (see below).
Rotaria macrura, specimen from (2)
Rotaria macrura, dorsal view; whirling, focus on the head and rostrum, with two eyespots and several scattered pigment granules (2)
Rotaria macrura, whirling, dorsal view of anterior part, focus on the head and rostrum. The arrows point to the ??ciiated nerve cells?? which are attached to the red eyespots and have light sensory function. Br: brain; Ci: cingulum; Mx: mastax with trophi; Ro: rostrum; Tr: trochi; asterisk: possibly subcerebral glands; arrowheads: retractor muscles of the trochal discs.
Rotaria macrura, whirling, focus on the trochal discs in semi-frontal view. The double arrow marks the direction of the movement of the trochal cilia.(4)
Rotaria macrura, trophi; the unici show a bulge at the base (triangles) Formula 2/2 (2)
Rotaria macrura; anterior part, dorsoventral view of a specimen that was treated with vital staining by Neutral Red. 1-5: ????; 6, 7, 8, 13: retractor muscles; 10, 11:gastric glands.9: brain; 12:RCO. (3)
Rotaria macrura, cloaca of a pregnant female, vital staining with neutral red. (3)
Rotaria macrura, integument. (4)
Rotaria macrura, specimen with parasites (Leptoclava parasita) (1)
Rotaria macrura, infested by unknown parasites (6)
Location: Germany, Gevelsberg, Stefansbachtal, Grünes Klassenzimmer, Teich (1); Hattingen-Oberstüter, pond; (2; 3; 4) Hattingen Berger Hof, Haselbecke (5); Wuppertalsperre (6)
Habitat: fouling leafs of Nymphea alba (1); Periphyton (2; 3; 4) Neuston with leafs (5); submersed moos (6)
Date: 18.5.2006 (1); 21.10. 2012 (2); 25.11.2012 (3); 30.11.2012 (4); 15.011.2020 (5); 27.09.2014 (6)
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