Ptygura pilula pilula Cubitt, 1872
Ptygura pilula pilula, a rotifer with housing made of "pills". (4)
Ptygura pilula pilula, two images of the same specimen. The basic material of the housing is a gelatinous matrix into which faeces are incorporated. (LT= lateral (ventral) antenna). (2)
Ptygura pilula pilula, closeup of the above specimen. In contrast to some other flosculariid rotifers like e.g. Floscularia melicerta the ventral antennae (VA) are relative short. Visible is also the dorsal antenna (DA)
Ptygura pilula pilula, crop of the above image: compared to other species from the same genus like Ptygura crystallina the ventral antennas are long.
Ptygura pilula pilula, another specimen from (1)
Ptygura pilula pilula; ventral view. In contrast to Floscularia janus the corona is oval-shaped without notch . (1)
Ptygura pilula pilula, focus plane on the corona, lateral view. (1)
Ptygura pilula pilula, corona, dorsoventral view, two different focus planes. The corona comprises two circular rows of cilia: the anterior trochus (in focus in the upper image, arrows) and the posterior cingulum in (focus in the lower image, triangles).(3).
Ptygura pilula pilula, ventral view, focus plane on the two lateral (ventral) antennae. (3)
Ptygura pilula pilula, lateral view, corona retracted, focus plane on the tiny eyespot, which seems to have a lens (see crop of the image).
Ptygura pilula pilula, left image: resting egg; right image: foot with adhesive disc. (1)
location: Wahner Heide near Cologne, trench with Sphagnum (1); nature reserve NSG Heiliges Meer, Sphagnum pond (2);(3); Simmelried near Konstanz, Sphagnum pond (4)
habitat: between submersed mosses (1); (2); (3); (4)
Date: 30.03.2010 (1) ; 19.04.2011 (2); 20.04.2011 (3); 22.03.2018 (4)
freshwater life
marine life