Proalinopsis caudatus Collins 1872
Proalinopsis caudatus, lateral view, focus plane on the dorsal antenna (DA), the knob-like papilla on the abdomen (caudal antenna). Red eyespot on the rear side of the brain. (1)
Proalinopsis caudatus, dorsoventral view, several long bristles on each side of the ciliary field, reddish-brown stomach with 2 big gastric glands, ovary, two needle-shaped toes. (2)
Proalinopsis caudatus, dorsoventral view, specimen from (3)
Proalinopsis caudatus, dorsoventral view, focus plane on the 2 lateral antennae (3)
Proalinopsis caudatus, left image: crop from above image: showing detail of the caudal antenna; rigth image: foot with pedal glands (3)
Proalinopsis caudatus, two aspects of the head; right image shows two small appendages at the oesophagus (greren arrow).
Proalinopsis caudatus, several aspects of the mastax and the trophi. The right lower image shows the red cervical eyespot.
Proalinopsis caudatus, this phase contrast image shows the mucilaginous sheath with bacteria around the body. Such mucus layer can also be found in other rotifers like for example Notommata copeus. It is not clear what function this mucus layer has, nor why the elongated bacteria are more or less oriented perpendicular to the surface of the integument. (3)
Proalinopsis caudatus, three aspects of the head and ciliary field and lower lip. (4)
Proalinopsis caudatus, male specimen without mastax.
Proalinopsis caudatus, specimen from optical median section in dorsoventral view. Focus plane on the head / doersal antenna and tail with caudal antenna (CA). (5)
Proalinopsis caudatus, trophi of specimen from (6)
Proalinopsis caudatus, another specimen; from Norway (7)
Location : Nature Reserve Suedheide, Germany (1), Wertach, billabong near Goeggingen, Bavaria (2;6); Lakensee, Solling; 51∞43'57.70"N/ 9∞36'13.22"O (3); Wahner Heide, Cologne (4); Simmelried, Konstanz (5); Styggevatnet, Norway
Habitat: Plankton (3) Periphyton (2;6) Spagnum pond (1;,4; 5);
Date: 26.10.2010 (1); 2.4.2012 (2), 03.04.2012 (6); 06.05.2009 (3); 7.1.2012 (4); 7.10.2017 (5); coll.:07.2016; img.: 03.08.2016 (7)
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