Ploesoma hudsoni Imhof 1891
Ploesoma hudsoni; lateral view. This species is characterised by a mid-ventral annulated foot with two large toes (see image below) and a foam like soft integument which is in contrast to the more rigid lorica of other Pleoesoma-species like Ploesoma triacanthum.. (2)
Ploesoma hudsoni; lateral view, focus plane on the long foot with two toes. Although P. hudsoni is mostly reported from warm waters this specimen was found at a water temperature of 8 degrees Celsius (2)
Ploesoma hudsoni; dorsoventral view, the arrows point to the characteristic finger-like palps Species with red eyespot. (4).
Ploesoma hudsoni; lateral view, focal plane on one of the finger-like palpar organs (arrow). (1)
Ploesoma hudsoni; dorsal view, focus plane on the net-like vesicular integument and the anterodorsal triangular plate. (3)
Ploesoma hudsoni; dorsal view, detail of the anterodorsal triangular plate. The dorsal antenna (DA) protrodes through a hole in this plate. E: eyespot; yellow spot: part of the retrocerebral organ (RCO). Left: specimen from (3); right: specimen from (4)
Ploesoma hudsoni; slightly compressed specimen, annulated foot with footglands and two large equal toes. Also visible is the foam-like integument.
Ploesoma hudsoni; virgate trophi; stitch of the trophi elements from several images )Fu: fulcrum; Ma: manubrium; Ra: ramus; Un: uncus) . (5)
Location (1); (2), (5): water reservoir Heilenbecker Talsperre; Ennepetal, NRW, Germany
Habitat (1); (2), (5): plankton
Date (1); (2), 11.05.2010 (1); 21.03.2011 (2); coll. 08.07.2022 ; img.: 11.07.2022 08.07.2022 (5)
water reservoir Wuppertalsperre (3)
habitat: plankton (3)

Date: 09.09.2014 (3); 17.09.2014 (4)

freshwater life
marine life