Pleurotrocha petromyzon, lateral view; habitus while swimming; specimen from (4).
Pleurotrocha petromyzon, same specimen; slightly compressed; the red eyespot at the end of the brain is clearly visible. The arrow points to the trophi of a monogonont rotifer, which gives evidence that the spectrum of prey is larger than peritrich ciliates. (4)
Pleurotrocha petromyzon, same specimen; after maceration. The encircled area on the right marks the virgate trophi (see below) of the Pleurotrocha specimen. Two trophi of swallowed and digested monogonont rotifers (Euchlanis sp., marked by arrow; and possibly a Cephalodella sp. , marked by arrowhead) are on the left. (4)
Pleurotrocha petromyzon, same specimen; left: focus plane on the dorsal antenna. Right: in contrast to P. sigmoidea this species has a cervical eyespot with light refracting bodies. (4)
Pleurotrocha petromyzon, lateral view; specimen from (7) ; focus plane on the cervical eyespot.
Pleurotrocha petromyzon, lateral view; specimen from (3)
Pleurotrocha petromyzon, lateral view; laterally compressed specimen from (1) ; right: specimen from (2)
Pleurotrocha petromyzon, lateral view, specimen from (7);
Pleurotrocha petromyzon, 2 aspects of the trophi, different focus planes.
Pleurotrocha petromyzon, specimen from (5); trophi. Upper images: unci; lower left: rami and fulcrum; lower right: manubrium.
Pleurotrocha petromyzon, trophi of specimen from (6);
Pleurotrocha petromyzon (lateral view) could be observed feeding on the zooids of the sessilid ciliate Zoothamnium arbuscula. This observation has already been documented in a drawing of Wesenberg-Lund (1939) (7)
Pleurotrocha petromyzon, specimen from (8);
Pleurotrocha petromyzon, specimen from (9);

Pleurotrocha petromyzon, specimen from (10);

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Location (7); : Henrichsteich, Hattingen, NRW, Germany, pond
Habitat (7); : plankton-sample with algae and detritus (click image to enlarge >>>)
Date (7): 29.09.2022
Location (1; 8): Kalwes-Teiche, Bochum-Querenburg, NRW, Germany; pond2
Habitat (1; 8): periphyton (click to enlarge >>>>)
Date: 11.5.2007 (1); coll. (8): 26.11.2022; img. (8): 27.11.2022
Location : Bochum-Querenburg; Kalwesteiche (1); Stefansbachtal Gevelsberg, Grünes Klassenzimmer, pond(2) (4); NSG Heiliges Meer, Erdfallsee (3); Hattingen, Wodantal; pond (5); Gevelsberg, Stefansbach (6); Crummbach, Simplon Pass, 2000m (7); Gevelsberg, NRW, Germany; Stefansbecke (9);Hattingen, NRW, Germany, Henrichsteich (10)
Habitat: between plants/ at the base of the stems of Nitella mucronata / obere Schlammschicht (2); Fontinalis-Bestand; 13.4.2012 (3); periphyton (4); (5); between Vaucheria-algae (6); lotic water between Fontinalis-moss (7); Sediment in lotic water (9); Periphyton (10)
Date: 11.5.2007 (1); 25.5.2008 (2); 13.4.2012 (3); 26.01.2016 (4); 24.03.2021 (5); 04.05.2021 (6); coll.: 09.10.2021, img.: 22.10.2021 (7); 04.05.2021 (9); 06.02.2023 (10)
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