Philodina sp.7
Philodina sp.7, whirling; ventral view. This morphotype looks pretty much like Philodina roseola or Philodina acuticornis, but has some traits that differ from those species. Specimen from (2)
Philodina sp.7, whirling; dorsoventral view. This morphotype is characterised by two ligulae in the sulcus which continue on the ventral side (see images below). TL: 420µm
Philodina sp.7, left: crop of the above image the arrowheads point to the two ligulae in the sulcus (1). Right: rostrum with rostrum lamella of a creeping specimen from (2)
Philodina sp.7, whirling; dorsoventral view. Focus plane on the 4 "denticles" at the ventral anterior rim of the sulcus, a trait that P. acuticornis is lacking. These denticles are also mentioned in a description of "Philodina rapida var. 2" by DONNER (1965), but other features (DF= 3/3, no eyespots, ring on rump) do not match with this morphotype here. Also visible here in this image are the papillae on the trochal discs, each with several sensory bristles (arrowheads). (2)
Philodina sp.7, same specimen, ventral view, focus plane on the four longitudinal elevations on the ventral side of the sulcus (marked bx arrowheads)
Philodina sp.7, whirling; dorsal view, focus plane the bolsters between trochal columns (tC) and upper lip (marked by arrowheads). Also visible is an optical transect of the rostrum (Ro) with rostral cilia (Ci). (Because of the small depth of field the "denticles" (see above image) of the sulcus are not visible in this image. bT: buccal tube; Mx: mastax with trophi; St: stomach. Measurements: CW: 88µm; HW: 74µm; HL: 54µm; minNW: 51µm.
Philodina sp.7, same specimen, lateral view of the anterior part of a specimen with retracted corona. Visible are the extended cilia (Ci) of the rostrum. Br: brain; BT: buccal tube; DA: dorsal antenna; Mx: mastax; RC: retracted corona; RL: rostrum lamella; St: stomach. The dorsal antenna (DA) unconspicuous (length: 22µm)(2)
Philodina sp.7, foot with spurs and interspace of two specimens from different locations , dorsalventral view. left image: location (1); right: location (2). Measurements (average): SSW: 17µm; SL: 13,5µm; SBW: 5µm; SIS: 8µm
Philodina sp.7, foot with 4 toes; ventral view (1)
Philodina sp.7, ramate trophi; dental formula: 2/2. In contrast to the Philodina acuticornis (RaL: 14µm) and Philodina roseola (RaL 15µm) the rami length (RaL) of this morphotype is: 23µm (2)
Location: Meneham, Bretagne, France, (1); St. Samson, Bretagne, France, (1);
Location 2: St. Samson (click to enlarge)
Habitat: lithothelma (1); (2)
Date: 11.08.2020; 17.08.2020 (2)
freshwater life
marine life