Philodina cf indica Murray, 1906
Philodina cf indica; whirling, dorsoventral view.
Philodina cf indica; creeping specimen with egg, length in this conformation: 345µm
Philodina cf indica; whirling specimen, dorsal view; focus plane on the upper lip; corona width: 118µm. This species has no eyespots, nevertheless it is very light sensitive: when exposed to the light of the microscope whirling stops after about 5 seconds.
Philodina cf indica; creeping specimen, dorsoventral view; focus plane on some of the light refracting bodies (crystals) in the anterior part of the body.
Philodina cf indica; creeping specimen, dorsoventral view of the rostrum showing the cilia and presumably some of the ducts and openings of the subcerebral glands.
Philodina cf indica; one of two creeping specimens which accidentally were left on the slide and suddenly dried out within half an hour. After some rain water was added both specimens revived, but had lost their red color.
Philodina cf indica; vitellarium with 8 nuclei, ovary with 12 nuclei.
Philodina cf indica; detail of ovary with 12 nuclei.
Philodina cf indica; detail of spur-bearing foot pseudosegment with bulbous glands (arrowheads) which result in an "annular swelling" .
Philodina cf indica; foot with 4 toes, two different specimens.
Philodina cf indica; trophi with dental formula 3/3, cephalic view.
Location: Hattingen Oberstüter, Grosse Kuh 55
Habitat: moss on roof, together with Adineta cf vaga major and Philodina acuticornis minor
Date: 08.-14.01.2017
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