Otostephanos cf regalis Milne 1916
Otostephanos regalis; dorsal view, whirling, focus plane on the semicircular upper lip. (4)
Otostephanos regalis; frontal view, whirling. focus plane on the trochal cilia and the rostrum. The arrowhead points to the ligula in the sulcus. (4)
Otostephanos regalis; specimen from (1); dorsoventral view.
Otostephanos regalis; upper images: two aspects of the upper lip from the same specimen from (1). Lower left. optical cross section of the head region. The line marks the focus plane of the image 127b (shown below). Right image: frontal view of the head showing the dorsal antenna, rostrum, upper lip and the upper parts of the trochal discs in focus
Otostephanos regalis; lateral view of the head region. Focus plane is in the center of the longitudinal body axis. The arrowhead points to the upper lip which is shown in cross section here. (1)
Otostephanos regalis, img. 127b; lateral view of the head region. Optical longitudinal section of the "ring" around the right trochal columns showing that the rings are hollow. (1)
Otostephanos regalis, focus plane on the granulated integument. (1)
Otostephanos regalis, left: crop of the above image; right image: spurs (1)
Otostephanos regalis, trophi with dental formula 6/6. (1)
Otostephanos regalis, specimen from (2), together with the green algae Oocystis sp. (but O. regalis is not feeding on them)
Otostephanos regalis, frontal view of specimen from (2). The specimen from which these two images were taken, was first misidentified as O. torquatus, but the semicircular upper lip and the ligula (arrowhead) fit to the description O. regalis by Milne (1916).
Otostephanos regalis; head of specimen from (1) showing the divided rostrum lamella and several long setae (left image). Right image: foot with triangular spurs.(1)
Otostephanos regalis; another specimen from (4); focal plane on the granulated integument. The 3rd neck pseudosegment, however, is covered with bacteria (arrows).
Otostephanos regalis; another specimen from (3); frontal view; focus plane on the trochal discs and the rostrum.
Otostephanos regalis; specimen from South Africa (5); dorsoventral view. Although all characteristic features of this morphotype speak for O. regalis, there is no ligula in the sulcus.


Location (5): near De Pakhuys Campsite, Western Cape, South Africa; -32.10976, 19.06912  >>> click to enlarge
Habitat (5): lithotelma
Date: coll.:???; img.:26.06.2024 (5)
Location: Germantown/US (1); Hagen, Haferkamp (2); Hattingen-Oberstüter, NRW, Germany (3)
Habitat: dry moss on roof (1), sandstone bird bath; together with Abrochtha intermedia and Philodina roseola (2); sun-exposed moss on roof (3)
Date: coll. : ? img: 7.11.2015 (1); 04.03.2016 (2); 30.03.2018 (3); 03.07.2020 (4)
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