Notommata cyrtopus GOSSE 1886
Notommata cyrtopus: swimming with auricles pulled out (1).
Notommata cyrtopus: ventral view; focal plane on the foot with two toes with bulbous base (1).
Notommata cyrtopus: ventral view; focal plane on the ciliary field (1).
Notommata cyrtopus: dorsal view; the arrow points to the cuticular expansion ("tail") (1)
Notommata cyrtopus: ventral view; dorsal view showing the retrocerebral organ (RCO) and the conspicuous transverse orientated red eyespot (ES). (1)
Notommata cyrtopus: virgate trophi. Upper left: left+ right manubria (1); upper right: incus + mallei (1); lower images Trophi from specimen (2), different focal planes.
Notommata cyrtopus: specimen from the river Wertach (2), focal plane on the RCO and the red eyespot.
Notommata cyrtopus: crop of the above image showing detail of the duct of the RCO
Notommata cyrtopus: another specimen from bavaria (3), lateral view, feeding on bacteria or other microorganisms growing on filamentous algae (here: Spirogyra). A filament of Spirogyra with Zooflagellates (Salpingoeca) was avoided. Contrary to many carnivorous species of Notommata this species seems to be solely bacterivorous .
Notommata cyrtopus: specimen from a sample in Hattingen, Wodantal, dorsoventral view.
Notommata cyrtopus: same specimen as above; focal plane on the muscles. The lower image shows image processing to enhance the muscles.
Notommata cyrtopus: specimen from a sample in Hattingen, Wodantal. Three aspects of the rear part, dorsoventral view. Upper image: slightly indentated "tail" ; middle: shape of the foot; lower image: toes.
Notommata cyrtopus: specimen from (4): virgate trophi.
Location: Hattingen Wodantal, pond (1); Wertach, billabong near Goeggingen, Bavaria (2); Anhausen, Bavaria, Germany, fish ponds (3). Hattingen Wodantal, puddle (4)
Habitat: Plankton/ Periphyton (1,2,3)
Date: 29.12.2011 (1); 2.4.2012 (2); coll 29.9.2013, img 2.10. 2013 (3); 2.3.2014 (4)
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