Notommata allantois Wulfert 1935
Notommata allantois: while swimming N. allantois shows its retractile "auricles", (yellow triangles). N. allantois is characterized by a round tail (Ta). (1)
Notommata allantois: focus on the conspicuous tail and the relative short toes. (1)
Notommata allantois: ventral side showing two rectractor muscles (white triangles) and the buccal field which surrounds the mouth (yellow triangle). (1)
Notommata allantois : two aspects of the head and the buccal field, two different focal planes. left image: focus on the cilia of the chin (yellow triangles) right image: focus on the mouth opening (yellow triangle). (1)
Notommata allantois: same aspects of another specimen (nature reserve "Heiliges Meer", Germany, 19.09.2012). The triangles in the right image point to the openings of the ducts of the retrocerebral organ (RCO). Similar structures have also been found in other Notommata-species, like for example Notommata copeus.
Notommata allantois : mastax; with slight asymmertric trophi, green triangles pointing at the pleural rods Yellow triangles pointing at the gastric glands. (1)
Notommata allantois, trophi (Wahner Heide, near Cologne, pond with Utricularia (2).
Notommata allantois, specimen from Gieringer Weiher, Austria, dorsoventral view. This image shows the conspicuous double bladder (Bl), which is characteristic for this species. (3)
Notommata allantois, another specimen from (3), ventral view.
Location: Simmelried/ Bodensee (1); nature reserve "Heiliges Meer", Germany, (2). Gieringer Moor, Tirol, Austria (3)
Habitat : Sphagnum (1); Sphagnum pond +Utricularia (2); Sphagnum (3)
Datum: 2.08.2009 (1); 2.7.2012 (2); 7.07.2014 (3)
freshwater life
marine life