Macrotrachela speciosa Murray, 1907
Macrotrachela speciosa, whirling specimen. Because of the folds of the integument of the trunk this species may be confused with Pleuretra species, but Pleuretra has 4 toes, while this species has 3 (see below).
Macrotrachela speciosa, creeping specimen; focus plane on the more or less symmetrical ornamentations of the ventral integument (the dorsal integument has similar ornamentation).
Macrotrachela speciosa, lateral view of whirling specimen. Focus plane on the dorsal antenna , rostrum (Ro) and buccal field. BF: buccal field; DA: dorsal antenna; Mx: masrax with trophi; Ro: rostrum; TD: trochal discs
Macrotrachela speciosa, specimen compressed by coverslide; detail of the sculptured integument with projecting pores.
Macrotrachela speciosa, whirling specimen; anterior part; left: focus plane on the rostrum and upper lip. Also visible is the ornamentation of the integument of the trunk. Right: focus plane on the upper lip. The corona width is slightly smaller than the head width.
Macrotrachela speciosa, whirling specimen; anterior part. Left: optical longitudinal section; focus plane on the ligula in the sulcus. Right: focus plane on the ventral cingulum / buccal field. Also visible are the short seta on the trochal discs.
Macrotrachela speciosa, anterior part of a creeping specimen; focus plane on the rostrum.
Macrotrachela speciosa, foot with slightly granulated integument; cone-shaped spurs with interspace. SpL: 7µm; spur base width (SpBW): 3µm; spur interspace (SpIW): 5µm. Right: in contrast to Pleuretra this species has 3 toes (brightfield image).
Macrotrachela speciosa, ramate trophi. Left: cephalic view; dental formula (DF): 2/2+1. Right image: accidentely in the right trophus the ramus and uncus/ manubrium were mechanically separated. Ramus length: 17µm
Location : Felderbachtal Hattingen, NRW, Germany, Haselbecke, pond
Habitat : between algae / detritus
Date: 03.08.2021
freshwater life
marine life