Macrotrachela sp. 8 cf brachysoma
Macrotrachela sp.8 cf brachysoma, whirling specimen; judging from the stomach content with "pills" and the width of the corona this morphytype could be misidentified as a Habrotrocha species. But the following image of the same specimen shows that there is a stomach lumen and therefore no Habrotrocha.
Macrotrachela sp.8 cf brachysoma, whirling specimen; focus plane on the characteristic lobes of the upper lip and trophi. Also visible is the stomach lumen (arrowheads). Although this morphotype has the same characteristic ventral extensions of the lobes of the upper lip, the corona is narrower (ratio: corona width vs. head width ≈ 90% in this morphotype) compared to the other morphotype of M. brachysoma (with ratio: corona width vs. head width ≈128%)
Macrotrachela sp.8 cf brachysoma, creeping specimen.

Macrotrachela sp.8 cf brachysoma; 4 aspects of the head of whirling specimen. Upper left: dorsal view, focus plane on the rostrum. Upper right: dorsoventral view, optical median section; focus plane on the buccal field, buccal tube and mastax. Also visible are the sensory cilia on the trochal discs.

Lower images: two aspects of the ventral extensions of the of the lobes of the upper lip; different focus planes. These extensions seem to be characteristic for Macrotachela brachysoma. See also Macrotrachela brachysoma here >>>

Macrotrachela sp.8 cf brachysoma; the arrows point to a ligula between the pedicels, a trait that is not mentioned for M. brachysoma.
Macrotrachela sp.8 cf brachysoma; foot with 3 toes and spurs.
Macrotrachela brachysoma; two aspects of the ramate trophi with dental formula (DF):2/2
Collection of samples by courtesy of Pit Staedtler, Gevelsberg.
Location: Rittener Hütte, South Tirol, Italy; dry moss sample
Habitat: between moss leafs
Date: coll.: 08.2020; img: 13.01.2021
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