Macrotrachela sp.5
Macrotrachela sp.5 ; whirling specimen, dorsoventral view; focus on the upper lip. (1)
Macrotrachela sp.5 ; whirling specimen, lateral view; (1)
Macrotrachela sp.5 ; lateral view of a specimen with retracted corona and extended rostrum. This optical median section shows that the cilia of the rostrum are grouped in two sections (arrows), which can also be found in other genera like Abrochtha; Philodina or Philodinavus. DA: dorsal antenna. (1)
Macrotrachela sp.5 ; 4 aspects of the anterior part of a whirling specimen, dorsoventral view; different focal planes. Upper left: focal plane on the long one-lobed upper lip. Upper right: optical longitidinal section through the trochal discs which seem to be concave in this section (arrowheads). The arrow points to a protrusion in the sulcus. Lower left: optical longitudinal section some µm more ventral than upper right image. Lower right: focal plane on the phanrynx. (1)
Macrotrachela sp.5; left: anterior part of a creeping specimen. Visible are the rostral cilia and the the invaginated trochal discs (arrows). Right: ramate trophi with dental formula 2/2
Macrotrachela sp.5; two aspects of the posterior part of a creeping specimen. Left: characteristic for this morphotype is the indentation between trunk and rump and the "inflated" first rump segment. Tight: foot with tapering spurs with distinct tips. Interspace between spurs; ratio >> interspace width : spur base width ≈ 0.6 (1)
Macrotrachela sp.5 ; contracted specimen. (1)
location: NSG Unteres Odertal, near "Teerofenbrücke" (1)
habitat: moss on concrete (1)
Date: coll.: 28.05.2019; img.: 12.01.2020 (1)
freshwater life
marine life