Macrotrachela cf bullata
Macrotrachela cf bullata; creeping specimen, dorsoventral view; focus plane on the rostrum and the annulated foot. Because this specimen did not show the extended corona the identification is mainly based on the annulated foot with protrusions and the granulated spurs. (1)
Macrotrachela cf bullata; creeping specimen, dorsal view; the posterior part of the trunk integument shows some bowl-like protrusions (see image below) like Macrotrachela bilfingeri (1)
Macrotrachela cf bullata; two aspects of the anterior part of specimen with retracted corona. Left: ventral view; focus plane on the buccal field, pharyngeal tube and mastax/ trophi with dental formula 2+1/1+2. Right: ventral view. Focus plane on the rostrum with oval-shaped rostrum lamella and lateral sensory cilia. Images not to scale. (1)
Macrotrachela cf bullata; the integument of the macerated (and compressed) specimen shows some protrusions on the foot (green arrowheads) and the posterior part of the trunk (some of them are marked by white arrowheads).
Macrotrachela cf bullata; foot of a creeping specimen, ventral view. Foot with with 3 toes and spurs (type 5: bulbous base; no interspace). Spur pseudosegment width (SSW): 16µm; Spur length (SL): 10µm; spur base width (SBW):7µm; (1)
Macrotrachela cf bullata; ramate trophi with dental formula (DF): 2+1/1+2; rami length (RaL): 20µm. (1)
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Location (1): Macugnaga, Piemont, Italy; creek
Habitat (1): moss in lotic water (click to enlarge >>>>)
Date (1): coll. 06.10.2021; img.: 08.10.2021
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