Floscularia ringens Linnaeus 1758
Floscularia ringens; the adult lives in a tube made out of detritus pills. In contrast to Floscularia janus the pills are deposited very regularly (1)
Floscularia ringens, corona (1)
Floscularia ringens, corona.(1)
Floscularia ringens. In contrast to other flosculariids F. ringens forms the pills from detritus, which can be seen in this image (lateral view). The pill is formed in a ciliated cavity, the modulus, which is located below the labium (arrowhead).(1)
Floscularia ringens forming a pill (arrow) from detritus; dorsoventral view. The arrow poiunts to the pill in the modulus, which is located below the labium (arrowhead). (1)
Forming of the pills (Quicktime Film (120 kB) >>>
building of the sheath (Quicktime Film (350 kB) >>>
Unfolding of the corona (Quicktime Film (240 kB) >>>
Movement of the corona (Loop) (Quicktime Film (60 kB) >>>
Floscularia ringens, juvenile specimen without tube. Juveniles still have eyespots which are reduced when adult. Mo: ciliated cavity (modulus) with a small pill. (2)
Floscularia ringens; crop of the above image. The arrow points to half-completed pill in the ciliated cavity (modulus). The arrowhead points to the labium. (2)
Floscularia ringens; swimming larva from (3a)
Floscularia ringens; same animal from the above image, 24 hours later. The larva had already settled and started depositing pills which can be seen as a brown ring at the base. (3b)
Floscularia ringens; crop of the above image. Young animal in lateral view. A pill is formed in the modulus (3b)
Floscularia ringens; head region of the young animal in ventral view. A pill is formed in the modulus. La: labium (upper lip); Mo: modulus (ciliated pill forming cavity); SLa: sublabium (lower lip); Me: metum (chin) (3); LVA & RVA: left and right ventral antenna. (3)
Location: Gevelsberg Grünes Klassenzimmer pond (1); Kemnader See, Oveney; billabong of the river Ruhr (2); (3); NSG Heiliges Meer (2)
Habitat: epibiontic on Potamogeton pectinatus (1); Detritus (2); Plankton (3);
Date: 18.06.05 (1); 15.11.2009 (2); 12.02. 2016 (3a); 14.02. 2016 (3b);
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