Euchlanis dilatata Ehrenberg 1832
Euchlanis dilatata, dorsoventral view; specimen from (4)
Euchlanis dilatata, ventral view; focal plane on the shape of the ventral plate of the lorica (edge marked by arrowheads), which is different from the one of Euchlanis deflexa or Euchlanis lyra. Specimen from (4)
Euchlanis dilatata, lateral view, head/ corona somewhat retracted, focal plane on the right lateral rims of the dorsal and ventral plate of the lorica. Specimen from (5)
Euchlanis dilatata, anterior part; dorsoventral view, focal plane on the palps which seem to be folded (arrowheads).. Specimen from (8)

Euchlanis dilatata, oral region, ventral view. Upper image: organisation of the ciliary field. Lower image: crop showing that the bristles (see also image 2) consist of several cilia, possibly similar to the cirri of ciliates. (4)

Euchlanis dilatata, malleate trophi; 4 teeth in each uncus. (6)
Euchlanis dilatata, compressed specimen, semimacerated with SDS. The arrow points to an epipharyngeal structure; the arrowheads mark the two openings of the lateral antennas. (6)
Euchlanis dilatata, may feed on diatoms (arrowheads in upper image). In contrast to E. lyra only few shells of diatoms are visible in the stomach of specimens from lotic waters (left). In the stomach of the right specimens(from (4) no diatom shells were visble. Maybe a different type of diet/ digestion. (5)
Euchlanis dilatata, the male specimens of genus Euchlanis are only slightly smaller that the females. (4)
Euchlanis dilatata, like the males of other rmonogonont rotifers also the males of Euchlanis have this aggregation of birefringent bodies (arrow). (4)
Euchlanis dilatata, posterior part of the trunk of a male specimen. The arrows point to the lateral antennas which are also found in females. (4)
Euchlanis dilatata, hatching of a female, (23.05.2008) (2):
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T= 142 sec
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T= 378 sec
Euchlanis dilatata, specimen from (7)
Location: Gevelsberg, Gruenes Klassenzimmer; pond (1); (2); Plabennec, Brittany, France, ditch (3); Wetter/ Ruhr, NRW, Germany; Harkort-See (4)
Habitat: between algae/ detritus (1) (2); between submerged plants (Potamogeton sp.) (3); Plankton (4)
Date: 27.10.2007 (1); 23.05.2008 (2); 12.08.2019 (3); 08.05.2021 (4)
Location (5); (6); (8) : Wupper near Müngstener Brücke;
Habitat (5); (6); (8): on the red alga Torularia atra in lotic water
Date : 18.07.2022 (5); 03.08.2022 (6); 11.10.2022 (8)
Location (7): Kalwes-Teiche, Bochum-Querenburg,NRW, Germany;pond2
Habitat (7): periphyton (click to enlarge >>>>)
Date (7): coll.: 26.11.2022 ; img.: 04.12.2022 (2)
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