Eosphora najas Ehrenberg 1830
Eosphora najas, dorsoventral view. A species with two red frontal eyespots and one red cervical eyespot. (3)
Eosphora najas, ventral view. Focal plane on the footglands and some of the retractor muscles. (3)
Eosphora najas, two aspects of the head. Upper image: focal plane on frontal eyespots. Lower image: focal plane on the mastax and the cerebral eyespot. The large salivary glands (arrows) of the mastax are asymmetrical, which is in contrast to E. thoa and E. thoides. (3)
Eosphora najas; ecology: feeds on (monogonont) rotifers: this slightly compressed specimen shows several Colurella- and Trichocerca-specimens in the stomach. (4)
Eosphora najas; crop of the above image. The asterisks mark 7 loricas of Colurella-rotifers; the arrow points to the trophi of a Trichocerca-rotifer. Also the red eyespot of this prey is visible. (4)
Eosphora najas, virgate trophi, macerated with NaOCl. Fu: fulcrum; Ma: manubrium; Ra: ramus. (3)
Eosphora najas, virgate trophi, focus plane on the unci and some epipharyngeal structures (E). Fu: fulcrum; Ma: manubrium; Ra: ramus; Un: uncus (3)
Eosphora najas, dorsal view, whirling. Two red frontal eyespots and one red cervical eyespot. (1)
Eosphora najas, trophi (left) and foot with 2 toes (right image). (1)
Eosphora najas; specimen from (2)
Location (3): Kalwes-Teiche, Bochum-Querenburg,NRW, Germany;pond2
Habitat (3): periphyton (click to enlarge >>>>)
Date (3): 26.11.2022
Location (4): Mescherin, nature reserve NSG Unteres Odertal; BB, Germany; fen
Habitat (4):detritus/ between submerged moss
Date (4): 17.05.2023
Location : Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Teich (1); Firenze, Italy, Arno river (2)
Habitat: Plankton-Probe mit Detritus (1) detritus (2)
Date: 25.10.2008 (1); 09.10.2012 (2)
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