Dissotrocha macrostyla Ehrenberg 1838
Dissotrocha macrostyla, lateral view, corona retracted, rostrum protruded. Focus plane on the dorsal antenna and right eyespot. (6)
Dissotrocha macrostyla, dorsal view, whirling. Two eyespots behind the dorsal antenna. (1)
Dissotrocha macrostyla, lateral view, whirling. The integument is covered with a sticky secretion. Detritus particles are sticking to it. In the back of the trunk the trophi of a daughter individuum is faintly visible. (1)
Dissotrocha macrostyla, anterior part with retracted corona, rostrum protruded. Left: focus plane on the devided rostrum lamella; right: focus plane on the sensory cilia. (6)
Dissotrocha macrostyla, dorsal view, creeping motion with stretched-out dorsal antenna
Dissotrocha macrostyla, lateral view. visible is one eyespot and the rostrum. (2)
Dissotrocha macrostyla, two aspects of the segmented dorsal antenna

Dissotrocha macrostyla, focus on the integument. (2)

Dissotrocha macrostyla, focus on the integument with epidermal pores. (3)
Dissotrocha macrostyla, focus on the integument with epidermal pores. The integument consists of a syncytial epidermis. The "pores" are actually invaginations of the plasmalemma of the syncytium. (3)
Dissotrocha macrostyla, two aspects of the ramate trophi; left: cephalic view; dental formula: 3/3. Right: caudal view; (3)
Dissotrocha macrostyla, foot with spurs and 4 toes. left: specimen from (5); right: specimen from(3)
Dissotrocha macrostyla var. tuberculata, pregnant female. The species of this genus are viviparous. (5)
Dissotrocha macrostyla , pregnant female. specimen with membrane in the sulcus (7)
Location: Simmelried near Konstanz / Bodensee (1); Sima-Moor, Kitzbühel, Tirol, Austria (2), (3, (4); (7); An der Honte, Hattingen, NRW, Germany; Mauer (5); Heilenbecker Talsperre; NRW; Germany; creek (6)
Habitat: sphagnum-pond (1); (2); (3); (4); (7); dry moss (5);
Date: 09.10.2009 (1); 26./ 27.04.2012 (2); 30.04.2012 (3) 02.08.2012 (4), (7) ; 21.06.2013 (5)
Location (6): Heilenbecker Talsperre; NRW, Germany; creek (billabong)
Habitat (6): detritus/ psammon in lotic water (click to enlarge >>>>)
Date (6): 09.07..2021
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