Didymodactylos carnosus Milne 1916
Didymodactylos carnosus, a relative large bdelloid rotifer very common in moss and humus soil samples. (1)
Didymodactylos carnosus; head, the upper lip shows two conspicuous lobes (triangles)
Didymodactylos carnosus; two aspects of the foot. Left: focus plane on the spurs with bulbous base and two toes (another Bdelloid with only two toes is Ceratotrocha cornigera . The toes are surrounded by a sheath (1). Right: focus plane on the two toes
Didymodactylos carnosus; four aspects of anterior part with rostrum and rostrum lamella; creepining specimen, i.e. corona retracted. (6)
Didymodactylos carnosus; trophi with yellow margin; dental formula: 4/4
Didymodactylos carnosus; specimen from Hattingen, (2)
Didymodactylos carnosus; head, showing apices on the lobes of the upper lip (arrowheads). Also visible are the sensory bristles in one of the trochal discs (arrow). Ci: long cilia of the cingulum; CiF: short cilia of the ciliary field; Tr. long cilia of the trochus. (2)
Didymodactylos carnosus; ventral view (2)
Didymodactylos carnosus; ventral view, rostrum with lamella (2)
Didymodactylos carnosus; integument of the trunk, focus plane on the pores; dorsal view. (6)
Didymodactylos carnosus; mastax/ trophi and buccal tube (arrowheads) of compessed specimen (6)
Didymodactylos carnosus; trophi of specimen from Hattingen (3).
Didymodactylos carnosus; trophi of specimen from (4)
Location: (1)Alley in Marina di Torre del lago P. / Tuscany/ Italy; (2) Germany, Hattingen Oberstueter, forest (3) Sprockhövel, Wodantal, bridge, dry moss; (4) Dunkerey Hill, Somerset, GB (5); Schalders, South Tirol; (6)
Habitat: moss on tree, together with Mniobia magna (1); beech litter (Fagus) (2); moss (4), (5); (6)
Date: 1.11.2012 (1); 31.12.2012 (2); 05.02.2013 (3); coll. 18.08.2013, img 23.08.2013 (4)
Sample (6) courtesy of Pit Staedtler (Gevelsberg)
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