Dicranophorus edestes Harring& Myers, 1928
Dicranophorus edestes: lateral view. A species without eyespots and no lateral palps on rostrum. This species prefers diatoms as diet. Straight toes without claw; toe length vs. total length: 1/4 (1)
Dicranophorus edestes: lateral view of specimen from (2); focus plane on the conspicuous retrocerebral sac with duct.
Dicranophorus edestes: crop of the above image. (2)
Dicranophorus edestes: lateral view of specimen from (3);
Dicranophorus edestes: forcipate trophi; base of rami with alulae; inner margins of rami with teeth of unequal size; upper left:sample from (1); upper right:sample from (2); lower left: sample from (5)
Dicranophorus edestes: lateral view of specimen from (4)

Dicranophorus edestes: two specimens with conspicuous birefringent crystals which are scattered in the pseudocoel. The lower 2 images demonstrate the movement of the crystrals within the body of a specimen from (5). Neither the chemical composition nor the function of these crystals is clear.

I remembered that I had seen such crystals in a another rotifer some time ago. It turns out that the crystals were found in the same dicranophorid species 3 years ago in France (upper image; specimen from (3)).

Dicranophorus edestes: details of the birefringent crystals
Location : Hattingen Wodantal, Heierbergsbach (1) ;
Habitat (1) : between submersed mosses(1)
Date (1) : 16.05.2019(1)
Location (2): Heilenbecker Talsperre; NRW, Germany; creek (billabong) (2)
Habitat: detritus/ psammon in lotic water (click to enlarge >>>>), together with an undidentified bdelloid rotfer (2)
Date: 24.06.2021 (2);
Location (3): Langazel, Bretagne, France, Venn
Habitat (3): between sphagnum moss
Date (3): 21.08.2021
Location (4): Brinksknapp, Haard, Recklinghausen, NRW, Germany, pond;
Habitat (4): between Sphagnum moss
Date (4): coll.: 22.10.2022; img.: 28.10.2022
Location (5): Felderbach (location (1); Hattingen, NRW, Germany
Habitat (5): moss in lotic water (click to enlarge >>>>)
Date : 01.07.2024 (5)
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