Cephalodella gibba Ehrenberg 1832
Cephalodella gibba, female specimen, lateral view. Total length vs. length of toes = 3:1. DT: dorsal antenna; Au: frontal eyespot; DR: tiny suncerebral glands; Ma: stomach; GV: germovitellarium; Bl: bladder. (1)
Cephalodella gibba, another specimen, lateral view. (2)
Cephalodella gibba, specimen from (3)
Cephalodella gibba, lateral view; specimen from (4)
Cephalodella gibba, lateral view; head retracted to some extent; specimen from (5)
Cephalodella gibba, is obviously a predator of other rotifers: the arrowheads mark the trophi of a dicranophorid rotifer (Encentrum sp.) that has been engulfed by this specimen from (6)
Encentrum sp., image of the above diet; after the predator had been treated with NaOCl for maceration of the trophi this specimen was rinsed with water and could then be photographed.
Cephalodella gibba, two images of a specimen from (7), which is heavily infested by fungal parasites (upper image; arrowheads) . Also faintly visible are the virgate trophi of an engulfed rotifer of the same genus: Cephalodella. After maceration it turns out that the trophi (see lower image, arrow) are of type A, which fits to C. exigua which was also found in the same sample.
Cephalodella gibba, virgate trophi, type B
Location: Gevelsberg, Grünes Klassenzimmmer, Teich (1); NSG Schwalm Nettetal, pond (3); Hattingen Felderbachtal, Mühlteich (4); Chapelle St. Samson, Brittany, France, creek (5); Gwell Kaer, Brittany, France, creek west (6); Ennepetal, NRW, Germany, Ennepe near "Sterngolfplatz" (7)
Habitat: Plankton ; Detritus/ between algae (3); periphyton (4); (5); (6); on detritus on current-exposed stones (7)
Date: 30.3.06 (1); 28.12.2010 (1); 13.11.2007 (2); 14.09.2011 (3); 10.05.2016 (4); 08.08.2019 (5); 10.08.2020 (6); 21.05.2021 (7)
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