Cephalodella forficata Ehrenberg 1832
Cephalodella forficata, an "eye"less species; lateral view. A specific feature of this species is the red gastric glands of adult animals. (2)
Cephalodella forficata, lateral view; specimen from (3). In this image the dorsal antenna (DA) and retrocerebral organ, consisting of the retrocerebral sac (arrow) and the retrocerebral duct (marked by arrowheads) are visible.
Cephalodella forficata, lateral view; specimen from (7). Also in these two images the dorsal antenna (DA), the retrocerebral sac ((RCS), arrow) and the retrocerebral duct ((RCD), marked by arrowheads) are visible. Remarkable is the green color of the vesicles inside the RCS of this specimen, which arises questions like:
1.what is the origin of this green color?
2.has the green color something to do with the conspicuous orange color of the gastric glands?
2.what happens to the vesicles in the RCD?
Cephalodella forficata, dorsoventral view. (1)
Cephalodella forficata, two images of the virgate trophi (Type B). Left: dorsoventral view; right: lateral view. (6)
Cephalodella forficata, male specimen from (8), lateral view. Characteristic is the conspicuous gland with small red granules/ crystals which are in permanent (Brown) movement. (8)
Cephalodella forficata, specimens from other locations. Upper left: location (6); Upper right: location (4); lower left: location (1); lower right: location (9)
Images of Sample (7) courtesy of Dr. Martin Kreutz, Litzelstetten
Location (8): Griendtsveen, NL, ditch
Location (8): detritus-sample with algae (click image to enlarge >>>)
Location (8): coll.:29.04.2023; img: 08.05.2023
Location: Sprockhövel IGM Bildungszentrum, Teich (1); NSG Schwalm-Nette; pond (2); Bodensee at Bodman (3); Simmelried near Konstanz (4), (7); Arnsberger Wald; NRW, Germany; Hochmoor (Kapellenplatz) (5); Unteres Odertal near Teerofenbrücke (6); Wahner Heide (9)
Habitat: Plankton (1); detritus (2); (4); (7); between plants (3); sphagnum moss (5); (8); between algae (6);
Date: 21.10.2006/4.3.2007 (1); 29.04. 2016 (2); 29.09.2017 (3); 03.08.2009 (4); 27.11.2018 (5); 31.05.2019 (6); 10/2019 (7); 08.07.2023 (8)
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