Bryceella stylata Milne 1886
Bryceella stylata; specimen from (6) showing also 2 light-refracting bodies (arrowheads)
Bryceella stylata; crop of above image(6)
Bryceella stylata (1); dorsoventral view; focus plane on the rostrum
Bryceella stylata (2); optical median section shows the conspicuous long lateral styli (S) and the apical bristles (triangles). Arrowheads: lateral antennae (Hattingen Oberstueter, tree moss, 13.02.2013). Sympatric with Bryceella perpusilla
Bryceella stylata (2); another specimen, vital staining of stomach with neutral red (Hattingen Oberstueter, tree moss, 13.02.2013)
Bryceella stylata (1); lateral view of a specimen whirling at a small ball of detritus.
Bryceella stylata (1); egg deposition; two focus planes.
Bryceella stylata (1); semi-macerated specimen showing the trophi and epipharyngeal structures. The arrows point to the openings of the lateral antennas.
Bryceella stylata (1); virgate trophi >> incus (= fulcrum + rami): rami with teeth on the inner margins (arrows) Left: specimen from 12/2022; right: specimen from Barentsøya 10.10.2017
Bryceella stylata (1); specimens kept in a sphagnum sample for several weeks showed parasites (yellow arrows). (28.12.2010)
Bryceella stylata; Detail image showing at least four parasites (Co: cililary organ) (28.12.2010)
Bryceella stylata; some days later: most of the specimens show infection with parasites. The parasites have conspicuous light refractive bodies. (02.01.2011)
Bryceella stylata; another developmental stage? (02.01.2011)
Bryceella stylata; specimen from (5); (lower image: crop of the above image); showing two structures that might be eyespots (arrowheads).
Bryceella stylata; left: lateral view of specimen from (8); right: dorsoventral view of specimen from (3)
Location (6): water reservoir Heilenbecker Talsperre; Ennepetal, NRW, GermanyLocation: nature reserve Bourtange ; 52∞39'47.49"N / 7∞ 3'21.76"O (1); Hattingen Oberstueter, forest (2); NSG Heiliges Meer, NRW, Germany, "Seerosenteich" (3); Lanildut, Britanny, France, wall (5); Hattingen Oberstüter, forest (6)
Location (6): water reservoir Heilenbecker Talsperre; Ennepetal, NRW, GermanyHabitat: Sphagnum-bog (1); tree moss, sympatric with B. perpusilla (2); between algae (3); dry moss(5); slime mold on dead tree (6);
Date: 1.5.2009 (1); 16.02.2013 (2); 27.04.2019 (3); coll.: 05.08.2019, img: 07.12.2019 (5); 26.01.2020 (6)
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