Adineta sp. 35 cf vaga minor
Adineta sp. 35 cf vaga minor; gliding, dorsoventral view; spindle-shaped outline, slightly reddish color (1).
Adineta sp. 35 cf minor; two aspects of the anterior part/ head of a gliding specimen, dorsoventral view. Left: optical median section, focus plane on the rostum lamella and the hypodermis cells. Also visible is a part of the buccal field and the pharyngeal tube. Right: focus plane on the ciliary field and the rake apparatus. The number of U-hooks (NoUH) is 5/5. (1)
Adineta sp. 35 cf minor; in contrast to other A. vaga morphotypes Adineta vaga var. minor has a foot with short spurs and interspace. Left: expanded foot; spur pseudosegment width (SSW): 12µm; Spur length (SL): 6µm; spur base width (SBW): 4µm; Spur interspace width (SIW): 7µm; right: retracted foot, showing knobs on the tips of the spurs. (1)
Adineta sp. 35 cf minor;rake apparatus of a macerated specimen. The number of U-hooks (NoUH): 5 (1)
Adineta sp. 35 cf minor;two aspects of the ramate trophi with dental formula 2/2. Left: cephalic view (1); right: caudal view (2); rami length (RaL): 15µm (1)
Adineta sp. 35 cf minor; specimen from (2), slightly reddish color
Location: Frugy Park, Quimper, Brittany, France (1); Plitvice lake, Croatia (2)
Habitat: moss on wall (1); moss on treebark (2)
Date: 14.08.2019 (1); coll.: 14.09.2022; img.: 21.10.2022 (2);
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