Adineta sp. 33 "incurva"
Adineta sp. 33; gliding, dorsoventral view. Total length (TL): 322µm. The granulated food pellets in the stomach are very conspicuous. Foot is distinct from rump. (1)

Adineta sp. 33; 4 aspects of the head.

Upper left: the distinct feature of this morphotype is the incurved left and right rim of the rostrum (marked by arrowheads). Specimen from (3).

Upper right: dorsal view of head of specimen from (1).

Lower left: dorsoventral view, focus plane on the rostrum lamella with bundles of sensory cilia which protrude the rostrum lamella. Also in focus: the rostrum which has a parabolic shape, which is in contrast to many other Adineta morphotypes, for example Adineta barbata or Adineta sp. 34. Also visible are two flame cells (arrowheads) of the nephridial system. Right: image taken 6 seconds after the left image; ventral view, focus plane on the buccal field and the short buccal tube. The 2 lower images show how different the rostrum lamella may appear in the same specimen, dependent on the focus plane. Images not to scale. (2).

Adineta sp. 33; rakes of a macerated specimens. The number of U-hooks is 6 in each of the rakes. Left: (1); right (3).
Adineta sp. 33; foot with spurs. Spurs slightly bent with acute tips. Interspace between spurs. (2)
Adineta sp. 33; two aspects of the ramate trophi with dental formula 2/2. Left: cephalic view (1); right: caudal view (2); rami length (RaL): 18µm
Adineta sp. 33; specimen from (3)
Location : Gwell Kaer, Brittany, France, lithotelma (1);(2)
Habitat: detritus (1);(2)
Date: 10.08.2020 (1); 11.08.2020 (2)
Location (3): nature reserve NSG Unteres Odertal; BB, Germany; Mummertgraben, footpath
Habitat (3): moss in inundation area
Date (3): coll.: 28.05.2022; img.: 03.06.2022
freshwater life
marine life