Adineta sp. 7
Adineta sp. 7, from Crete, dorsoventral view
Adineta sp. 7, series of 4 optical sections through the head from dorsal to ventral side. Upper left: focus plane on the ridge and rostrum lamella and nerve/ muscle cells. Upper right: focus plane on the hypodermis cells. In contrast to other types of A. vaga the lateral sides of the nearly parallel to each othe and thus the front part of the head is wider. Lower left: focus plane on the ciliary field. Lower right: focus plane on the rake apparatus. This image documents what can be frequently observed: the blade and denticles of the right rake (the arrowheads point to the 5 U-hooks which are actually on the left side of this image as this is a ventral view) point forwards, while the left blade is folded backwards. The mechanical stability of the blade seems to be species-specific: while in some species the denticles always point forwards, in other species they could be hardly observed because they always were orientated as shown in the left blade here.


Adineta sp. 7, foot with short sawtooth-like, short spurs. Spur-bearing pseudosegment is separated from the anterior segment by a constriction. Interspace between spurs. Measurements: spur bearing segment width (SSW): 9µm; spur length (SL): 7µm; spur base width (SBW): 4µm; spur interspace width (SIS): 4.5µm
Location: Crete
Habitat: moss on limestone
Date: 22.10.2015
freshwater life
marine life