Adineta sp. 4 (Adineta cf tuberculosa Janson 1893)
Adineta sp. 4, dorsoventral view of a gliding/ feeding animal. In contrast to another morphotype of Adineta tuberculosa only the integument of head and foot of this morphotype is covered with granules.
Adineta sp. 4, four aspects of the head:
Upper left: dorsal view; the arrowhead points to the conspicuous U-shaped notch in the rostrum / rostral lamella.Lateral sides of rostrum ± parallel. Upper right: focus plane on the tubular side protrusions with short cilia.
Lower left: focus plane on the ciliary field and the rake apparatus with 9 U-hooks (which is in contrast to Adineta tuberculosa s.str. with 6 U-hooks). Upper right: focus plane on the ventral side of the head of another specimen. The ciliary field is bent to the dorsal side in this image.
Adineta sp. 4, juxtaposition of two parts of the integument: the pores in the upper part (neck pseudosegment) are elevated (granulations); their distance is ≈ 2.2µm. The pores of the trunk (here: above the stomach lumen) are unconspicuous; their distance is ≈ 1µm.
Adineta sp. 4, foot and spurs. Cone-shaped spurs with distinct tips. The cone-shaped part with granulated integument. Integument of distinct tips without granulation. No interspace between spurs.
Location: Germantown US
Habitat: dry moss on roof
Date: 20.09.2015

Samples provided by courtesy of Aydin Orstan, Germantown, Maryland, US

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