Adineta sp. 10

Adineta sp. 10, dorsoventral view, creeping; specimen from (4).
Adineta sp. 10, lateral view, specimen from (5). This living specimen has been recovered from a sample of dry moss that was stored in a plastic bag for more than 6 months at temperatures between 15 to 35 degrees Celsius.

Adineta sp. 10, upper images: two aspects of the head region of two different specimens, different focus planes. The right image shows the notched frontal part of the rostral lamella and the 4 U-hooks of each of the rake apparatus. Lower image: left: foot with spurs, dorsoventral view; right: foot in lateral view. Spurs with distinct tip with cutout (arrowhead);Also visible are the dorsal toe and the ventral toes.. (2)
Adineta sp. 10, contracted specimen, focus plane on the granulated integument. (1)
Adineta sp. 10, another specimen showing the granulated integument. (2) The granules are not so pronounced like in Adineta tuberculosa


Adineta sp. 10; trophi and rake apparatus of a macerated specimen. The arrowheads point to the 4 U-hooks in each of the rakes, which is in contrast to Adineta tuberculosa, which has 6 U-hooks or more. (3)

Adineta sp. 10; trophi, cephalic view. (3)
Location: NSG Unteres Odertal, BB, Germany, near "Teerofenbrücke"
Habitat: moss on concrete
Date: coll. 28.05.2019; img: 31.05.2019 (1); 01.06.2019 (2); 11.07.2019 (3); 12.07.2019 (4); img: 08.12.2019 (5)
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