Adineta cf acuticornis from Brittany / France

Adineta cf acuticornis, creeping specimen, dorsoventral view. The morphotype that is documented on this page is similar to Adineta cf acuticornis morphotype here. (1)
Adineta cf acuticornis, another specimen, from the same sample. TL 338µm (2)
Adineta cf acuticornis, lateral view (2)
Adineta cf acuticornis, lateral view of head region. Focus plane on the dorsal antenna. (2)
Adineta cf acuticornis, foot, dorsoventral view from two different specimens; focus plane on the long acute spurs with interspace. (ratio IW : SBW≈ 1.5) left image: (2); right image: crop from the above image. (1)
Adineta cf acuticornis, dosoventral view view of the anterior part. Left image: focus plane on the dorsal ridge and rostrum lamella. Right image: optical median section; focus plane on the buccal tube and mastax.
Adineta cf acuticornis, two aspects of the rake apparatus. Upper image: focus plane on the ventral surface showing denticles and 6 U-hooks for each rake (arrowheads). Lower image: focus plane more dorsally showing the sting.(2)
Adineta cf acuticornis; two aspects of the ramate trophi (2): the numbers of the minor dents in the parts above and below the major dents are marked the in the upper image (cephalic view). Lower image: caudal view; rami length: 16µm
Location : Gwell Kaer, Brittany, France, coastline (click to enlarge)
Habitat: lithotelma on granite rock. This is one of several bdelloid morphotypes that have been found in ephemeral puddles (lithotelmata) on the granite rocks of the coast of Brittany (France). Another Adineta morphotype from such a habitat is documented here. It is worth mentioning that one of the few other bdelloid species recorded from this habitat was Philodina vorax , a species that has also be found together with the same Adineta cf acuticornis morphotype in a totally different habitat (moss on tree in the interior of Germany)
Date: 06.08.2019 (1); 08.08.2019 (2)
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